How to change the Windows XP System Properties logo and text

If you purchased your PC from a company like Dell, or even your local mom and pop computer store, you may have a “custom” System Properties logo and information. To make your PC a little more personalized, follow the instructions outlined below to change the System Properties info.

customized windows system properties

  1. By default, your System Properties may look something like the image below.
  2. windows system properties before customization
    click to enlarge

  3. To customize it, you’ll need an image. The dimensions should be 180×114 pixels, and the image must be a bitmap (.bmp). Save the image as oemlogo.bmp in your C:\Windows\system32\ folder. If that file exists already, over-write it.
  4. Right-click inside of C:\Windows\system32\ and select New -> Text Document.
  5. creating a new ini file in windows system32 folder
    click to enlarge

  6. Now create a file titled oeminfo.ini. In the file, enter the following info –

    Manufacturer=whatever you want
    Model=whatever you want

    [Support Information]
    line1=whatever you want
    line2=whatever you want
    line3=whatever you want

    Remember, save the file as oeminfo.ini (not .txt).

  7. notepad with custom info for system properties

  8. You should now have two files, oeminfo.ini and oemlogo.bmp in your C:\Windows\system32\ folder.
  9. custom system properties files

  10. And now you’ll have a completely custom Windows System Properties page.
  11. customized windows system properties
    click to enlarge

  12. Click the Support Information button to see your customized support info.
  13. custom system properties support info

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