How to quickly resize columns in Finder

Without question, I find the column view of OS X’s Finder the easiest to work in. One of my few complaints with column view is that I spend a lot of time resizing columns so that I can view full file names etc. This quick tip will show you how to resize columns in a snap.

  1. Double-click the small double-line icon (||) at the bottom of each separator.
  2. the os x finder double-lines
    click to enlarge

  3. And Finder will automagically adjust the column to the perfect width for the longest file name.
  4. finder adjusted for optimal size
    click to enlarge

  5. This also works in the Open/Save As dialogue boxes (double-click to resize) but you can also right-click (ctrl-click for single-mouse button folks) for a couple of extra options – including Right Size All Columns Individually. Unfortunately this option only appears to work “2 columns deep” – after that I find myself continuing to double-click the double-lines in order to resize columns.
  6. open dialogue box with column spacing options
    click to enlarge

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  2. Is there a keyboard shortcut for this (like the Ctrl + + shortcut in Windows); I would find that EXTREMELY useful.

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