How to Quickly Resize Columns in Finder

Without question, I find the column view of the macOS Finder the easiest to work in. One of my few complaints with column view is that I spend a lot of time resizing columns so that I can view full file names etc. This quick tip will show you how to resize columns in a snap.

This works in Finder’s column view for all versions of OS X and macOS.

  1. Double-click the small double-line icon (||) at the bottom of each separator (see screenshot below).
  2. the macOS finder column resize icon

  3. And Finder will “automagically” adjust the column to the perfect width for the longest file name.
  4. a Finder window with a perfectly sized column

  5. There’s also a trick to resize multiple columns in one step for when they’re all different sizes. Right-click (ctrl + click) that same “double-line” icon and select Right Size All Columns Individually

    context menu for columns in Finder

  6. This will resize each of the columns so that you can view the longest filename without having to adjust or scroll.
  7. resized columns in Finder
    click to enlarge

If this helped, you can find more tips and tricks like this one in our Mac section.

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