How to delete apps from your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad

You’ve downloaded an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad App from the App Store, and have now discovered you don’t really want or need that App. This tutorial will show you how to delete it from your iPhone, iPod Touch and/or iPad.

  1. On your Home screen, locate the App you want to delete. For this example, I’ll use WeatherBug.
  2.  Tap and hold down the icon of the App you want to uninstall. After a few seconds your screen will start to “wiggle” and an X will appear next to each of the Apps you’ve installed via the App Store.
  3. Note: if the X doesn’t appear at all, skip down to step #7 below.
  4. Tap the X next to the icon of the App you want to remove. When prompted, select Delete.

  5. And now it’s gone.
  6. If the application is listed in your iTunes Applications as well, you’ll want to remove it from there – or else it will re-install the next time you sync. Alternately you can keep the app in your iTunes Applications, and set iTunes not to sync all applications, just the ones you want to keep. See the Applications tab of your device the next time it’s connected in iTunes for syncing options.
  7.  You cannot delete certain apps – typically the ones that come pre-loaded on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad – such as Stocks, Weather, Safari etc. You can use this tutorial to “move” them to another screen (perhaps the ‘last’ one) so that you don’t have to see them and/or make room for the Apps you use more frequently.
  8. If you don’t see an X mark at all, on any of your Apps – you’ll need to enable an existing Restriction before you can uninstall Apps. Start out by tapping the Settings button from your Home screen.
  9. the settings button for the iphone, ipad and ipod touch

  10. Scroll down to the General tab and select it.
  11. Now scroll to Restrictions and select that.
  12. When prompted, enter your 4 digit PIN code. If you don’t know your 4 digit PIN code – start guessing. Ask a family member who may have set it up for you. If you can’t determine the 4 digit PIN code, you will not be able to make any changes.
  13. Scroll down to the Allow: section of the Disable Restrictions screen. Look for the entry titled Deleting Apps. Slide the button next to it from OFF to ON.
  14. Double-check to make sure the Deleting Apps entry is set to ON.
  15. Now jump back to step #2 and you should have no problem uninstalling Apps from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
  16. Note: if you’d like to disable the ability for Apps to be installed at all on an iPhone, see this tutorial on how to stop Apps from being installed on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This can be particularly useful for parents who want to be able to control which Apps are installed on their childs iDevice.

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  4. My iPhone 4shows the weather bug and weather Chanel apps as dared than others and it says waiting… Under the app. I tried turning the phone off and back on. I followed all the directions about restrictions and it still will not display an x to delete. How can I fix this problem, it is wearing down my battery in two days.

  5. how do extract my Facebook app from my Safari App that swallowed it and show it as separate app on my I-Phone?

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    1. Can you let me know if you ever found out how to delete unwanted apps? I’ve removed apps in the past but now I cannot remember how I did it thanks

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  45. How can I delete an app that “waiting” to upgrade? It’s been in that mode for 2 weeks now and I cannot delete it using this method.

  46. Mine did not work this website stinks if anyone knows how to delete the apps tell me. They have been loading for 15 hours. Help thx

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  48. Worked great thank you. Had problems with the game Wordly. Fun game, but they messaged me at 4am waking me up. Then left messages all through the day, the most annoying app ever.

  49. I downloaded a gameboy emulator but it failed it said “waiting” even though it’s not loading how do I delete it?

  50. I downloaded magic jack app, I had 2 phone numbers at one time, the wrong number up loaded. How do I delete app, to. Select the other number? When I delete, redownload app, it will not give me phone number choices. It goes to the wrong number

  51. How do I delete a city I no longer need to reference within the Weather App?
    I do not want to delete the App itself. Until I updated The IOS it was so easy. Now I cannot see how individual cities are deleted

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  53. Thanks for letting me know how I can delete an application. I didn’t realize it took so much research to find this out.

  54. To HollyPop,
    Your sister probably looked at your multi task feature. Double click on the home button and press for a few seconds on one of the apps shown there. A minus sign should appear over all of them. Click the minus sign to remove apps from the feature till you use them again. The apps are listed in the order you used them.

  55. i needed something different my sister said she can know what i used like the past app i used was subway surfers and she did this thingy that she knew i what i played i need to know how to delete that or do that??

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  58. My son bought a app and I want to delete it from my purchase list. I can’t figure out how to do or is it even possible ? It’s embarasing

  59. My apple Id goes to billing pop up and says credit card had issues even when I try download free app or update existing one can I delete a game and still keep game data (real racing 3)then reinstall with diff apple id so I can update it. I want the new update so used my other apple Id but when I try to update game it still asks for previous apple Id password what do I do please help apple never replies

  60. another helpful is go to settings and to app you do not like but cannot delete change the on to off and it will not show up on any screen. I have a nike + ipod I cannot get rid of.

  61. App never installed properly and it’s jsut stuck there. Can’t delete it and can’t delete it on itunes. Tried to install it from itunes and it just stays in limbo and says waiting just like when you install an app too big for 3G and it waits for WIFI, except this is an ipod and it’s on wifi. So yea, this article was a complete waste of my time. Everything here is iOS 101. How do I solve a real problem reading the manual doesn’t help with?

  62. I followed instructions on how to remove apps by changing restrictions, BUT the”X” still does not appear? What am I doing wrong?

  63. What I kneed is when I try to delete the apps it’s not really an app it’s something weird I pressed the add to home screen and I can’t get rid of it!!

  64. My ipod, gen 4, came with a “stocks” app. When pressing continuously on the icon, all apps “wiggle”, but no “x” appears on the stocks icon. I have verified that Settings>General>Restrictions has deleting apps enablled, and still have the same results.

  65. i have an game app that shows it;s installing for two days. can’t delete it it wont show the top left X for me to delete it. It’s just showes installing but it’s kid of can i stop it from installing and/or just delete it (I have deleted other apps…just this one that I can’t seem to be able to delete..need to stop it from installing mode) Maricela

  66. I downloaded some free applications from Apple Store, never use iTunes. I deleted some; but they still remains in the App Store “Purchased”; how can I ensure they are permanently removed from my iPad? Please help.

  67. I know my restriction code but i still cannot remove apps because theres not an actual icon so when i hold down on the screen it wiggles but no x appear…. Please help how do i remove??????

  68. thank you. Excellent instructions. I read a few other websites and didn’t know about the “Restrictions.” Your advice saved me!

  69. This was so helpful. I use an apple lapto but this is my first iPod so thank you for this simple tutorial. Very well written

  70. Thank you so very much. I had no idea how to do it and it was eating at me for weeks now. You’re a lifesaver.

  71. Deleted non working satnav with intentions of reinstalling..was unable to due to lack of space, so deleted 3 other apps and now have plenty of space. Still unable to install and getting same message..what am I doing wrong?

  72. It’s amazing what you can find with a simple Google search. Your instructions are very well written and I was able to free up some much-needed space on my iPhone. Thanks so much!

  73. I really think Apple needs to give the option to remove apps that come pre-installed on the iPod, from the iPod, but have the app non-removable from iTunes. This will simple mean if you don’t want an app on your iPod, you can just skip over it when you are syncing apps to your iPod, but it will always be on iTunes when you need it. Apple could even restrict deleting these apps to when you are connected to iTunes. I know it isn’t a huge deal, its just something that bothers me, and many of the people I know that own an iPod touch or an iPhone.

  74. Is there anyway to delete apps off iPhone without deleting on iPad? I shared the apps from my phone to my iPad now I want to free up space on phone is there a way?

  75. I’ve deleted apps but…they still show up if I go to Updates…purchased…and there they are. They have the icloud icon next to them but why are they still showing up? Thank you for help.

  76. This helps somewhat, I am having an issue that I cannot delete an app form my iPhone or iPad or computer unless I manually delete the app on all three places, so much for syncing. What is Apple thinking of, when I delete an app from one place I want it deleted from ALL locations. I understand security and for those people that delete on accident, but thats what backup is for. So I have it right, if I want to delete an app I need to go to all three devices; phone, pad, and computer and delete them. WOW and they say Blackberry was backward, and old school.

  77. I found this information very helpful as I have put Touch chat on an iPod touch for a non-verbal autistic student at my school and he keeps deleting things and changing settings etc, Cheers

  78. Hey, thanks for taking the time to explain how to get the X back to delete apps. The I phone is supposed to be intuitive but maybe only for folks at Apple. Rest assured you made it simple and I thank you. I just finished deleted all the apps that were just taking up space. Many thanks!

  79. Jerome Jassenoff

    Someone has to e-mail me as i do not get an ” X ” and neither domwuite a few othersthat I see ? What is the reason and how can this be corrected so we can “Delete ” unwanted Apps ? ? ?

  80. this is a really bugging me, i got a app on my ipod touch i cant remove. there i no little x and i have restrictions OFF, still no little x, i go to usage and its not listed. i got into itunes and its not even installed! i do a restart, and the icon is still there. so what is the deal?

  81. Zudid… are a genius !! Even after the tech rep told me to “wiggle” icons and delete with x….was futile attempts. But your solution has given me answer to a nagging problem. Rule of thumb…if you don’t use the app(s) for more than 3 months…delete and avoid unnecessary agony. Thanks Zudid !!

  82. I have 3 apps that I tried to update after receiving the notice an update is available. I had service but the apps never finished updating. They show they are “waiting”. When I tried to delete them no “X” shows. How can I fix this problem?

  83. I would really like to know to reboot my iPod touch and if it will delete or erase other stuff or everything if you can and will help me please do so thank you very much look forward to hearing from you. WW

  84. After further research I found out how to delete the apps I installed via Cydia…Here is the directions. It is relatively easy!

    Cydia > Manage > Packages>find your targeted package > Modify > Remove > Confirm

  85. I am trying to delete apps that I installed that don’t work ie: crazy text, ilol, candy catch. When I go to usage it just has battery usage. When I turn the restrictions on still no X appears. They are taking up a lot of space and I can’t use them. I need help!

  86. ThaNks that was helpful but at first it would wiggle but the X wouldn’t show but I found out that I had to turn the restrictions off

  87. According to ihelp, if you forget your passcode, you must restore the iPhone software from iTunes. I’d say read all about it under iPhone user guide first. Good luck

  88. It’s amazing how many sikikiar questions are posed about one thing, the crazy no “X.” real simple, just read previous posts and the answer lies right here. Go to restrictions under settings, type in your 4 digit passcode, if you remember it (I got lucky), turn restrictions to ON next to delete apps. Then go back and wallaah the “X” appears. Granted this is used to delete apps installed after you purchased ya phone. To delete other apps, why would you want to? Like turning off your gas gusge in your car or the like. Anyway, this post goes to those whom posted the correct answer to the “X” mystery well before me. Thank You!

  89. I got the wiggling X icon trick. That’s not where I am up a wall — I have apps in the Game center. None of them have the wiggling ability apparently … Some of them are dreadful. They are currently taking up much needed space and I cannot d/l. Any more of anything. I cannot find anywhere an answer to how to get rid of them. I thought it should be easy. You can not drag them to a trash can (none available). You cannot swipe and find a delete tab. And you cannot make them wiggle, or tap an X. What do I do????????? there is no usage on my ipod touch wats my next options?

  90. Go to settings, then select the general tab. Select usage and it will show all of your apps. Click the one you want to delete and you will get the option to delete it. The app is gone. Scroll to the bottom for the option to see all apps if the one you want to delete isn’t visible.

    1. it gives you the list of apps, but it doesnt give ALL of them. i want to delete the newsstand but it doesnt show that one -_-

  91. I have some apps that I want to delete from my iPhone but my daughter uses them on her iPad. If I delete them on the phone will we loose them on the iPad?

  92. I got the wiggling X icon trick. That’s not where I am up a wall — I have apps in the Game center. None of them have the wiggling ability apparently … Some of them are dreadful. They are currently taking up much needed space and I cannot d/l. Any more of anything. I cannot find anywhere an answer to how to get rid of them. I thought it should be easy. You can not drag them to a trash can (none available). You cannot swipe and find a delete tab. And you cannot make them wiggle, or tap an X. What do I do?????????

  93. when i pless and hold on an app i want deleted, all apps start to wiggle but no X comes up beside any of them. What would be the problem or how do i go about deleting apps.

  94. I have a new I phone and I downloaded the app, when I went to install it the app came up with ” not eligible for this app” I have a new I phone and been with ATT forever and I am not eligible for this free app..

    Its junk and no point in downloading it

  95. thank you guys… I first didnt have any “X” on the applications.. it turned out that i had restricted the deletion of applications..

    Restriction can be removed in settings>restrictions.


  96. So why can’t I delete the apps that are pre-downloaded on my iPod touch, I don’t use them, and they’re taking up 2GB that I don’t use? is there a way to cheat this method?? :(


    If an x doesnt pop up when you hold the button down to delete apps…. go to settings than general than resrictions and turn on deletin apps!!! than try holdin down the app again and the x will appear!!!! Thanx yall helped been on the computer for DAYS tryin to figure this out!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. I am trying to delete an app from my i pad. when i hold down the icon it begins to shake…however no X appears. it just shakes until i stop it. how do i delete it?

  99. Even i went to setting,restriction then turn on…there are still no wiggle de “x” …it is not preloaded software just de man who helped me installed when jailbreaken…So,can any1 help??

  100. Thanks! When I held the icon and it started to wiggle, the X didn’t show up. But after going to settings then general then restrictions, I was able to turn on the deleting app function. Then I went back and when the icon wiggled then the X appeared! Thank you.

  101. Anne21799,
    u just switch it on again, see whether the loading icons r still here or not,
    just like i have mentioned above, ”reboot’ yr ipod touch

  102. Hi guys i wonder if anyone can help me… I have not been able to use my ipod touch for some time now because ive deleted everything off it by mistake and now i dont know how to fix it.. I went into settings and selected delete all if i remember correctly. now all it does when i turn it on is show the apple logo and nothing else… When i connect it to my computer it doesnt even pick it up…. Hope someone can help.

  103. How can I delete apps that don’t have the ‘x’, but did not come loaded on the iPod? My 11 year old son has some apps that are not age appropriate. My kids don’t know the iTunes password, so hubby & I have to approve everything. This one seemed to appear after an app update & I can’t remove it. HELP!!!

  104. Thank you very much I went to the settings and enabled restrictions and now I can delete my apps I don’t want…

  105. My iPod touch apps wiggle but an x does not appear. Computer doctor says I have to reset my iPod if I want unwanted apps deleted. I have 881 songs and10 videos along with a bunch of unwanted apps. Now I have no bytes, because of the apps. Any suggestions?

  106. you have to tap and hold down what you want to delete, the screen will start to shake, and press the little x and the press the home page button when you are done

  107. I figured it out – I went to settings, then General, then Reset, then Erase All Content and Settings. I just had to start all over from the beginning but it worked and the apps are gone!

  108. I tried turning my ipod off and back on and the apps are still there with no x when they wiggle. Is there any other tricks to try? I sync’d it and took all my apps off also and those problem ones are still there. Can anyone think of anything I could try?

  109. angel,
    just hold both buttons,the one swicted power on and the main button., until it shuts off,(the screen will turn black slowly)
    its like “reboot” the ipad
    this method really helps it

  110. Elmo, I am confused on the advice you gave to delete the apps on my iPad that have not yet downloaded and have been there for months. You said to hold both buttons down? Which buttons are you referring to? As I said before, once they begin to shake, no x appears to delete. I really need help getting these off bc it has become very aggravating every time I turn my IPad on, they pop up

  111. I deleted apps, but they still keep showing up in apps updates. How do I get them removed from the purchased list where it tries to update them?

  112. I have several apps on my iPhone that I can not delete. Once I hold down and it starts to shake, no x appears. I need help please.

  113. I have several apps on my iPad that will not download and I can not delete. Once I hold down and it starts to shake, no x appears. I need halo please.

  114. I downloaded some apps I don’t need anymore but when I hold the app till it starts shaking,I don’t see any X at the top left of the app
    I need help

  115. hello I got a problem
    I just downloaded the sims3 last night because I saw it was free
    however after I keyed my password
    a notice jumped out and said this item is currently modified
    until now that icon apps is empty and I just can use the method above to delete it
    what can I do?
    anyone can help??

  116. hoi ik heb een vraag ik heb een iphone 4 maar als ik apps download en weer verwijdert
    dan staan ze nog in me app store bij aankoop hoe kan ik dat verwijderen ik hoor het graag

  117. If holding home doesnt work like no x then go to general settings then restrictions then look it should say deleting apps turn on

  118. Thnk u sooo much needed to delete something if I hadn’t of found this I’d of Been in Alot of trouble

  119. When I press down on my icon no x appeared so I pressed the menu button and scrolled to applications, press applications, press manage applications, all of your apps appear, select the app you want to delete, click uninstall, then press okay.
    The other way probably works for most tech savy folks, but I had to find an alternative.

  120. I get no usefull info from iTunes Store Customer Support
    too: they say that deleting Apps from Ipod-4 must be working the same way as on Ipfone-4.
    But it does not !
    It works without any problem on my Ipfone but does not work on my
    Ipod-4 .

    that is strange. Maybe something is wrong with my Ipod-4.

  121. Will the apps you delete always be in the iTunes store for download- they r showing up on my store account to be downloaded even though I deleted them? Are they using space on my phone?

  122. I used all my space and I have 2 type my words in to find my app. U now right after app store and FaceTime and now I don’t know how to delete an app from there. Can u help me

  123. >> an X will appear next to each of the
    I don’t get any ” x” on my Ipod -4 (on IPHone- 4 that trick works)
    but I can not delete any apps on my IPod !


  124. How do I delete uninstalled apps off my iPod?? There hasn’t been a very strong Internet connection for the last couple of weeks and I would like to delete the apps that haven’t finished downloading. Can I have some help please??

  125. Help. Like many others, I want to delete an app that says it’s downloading but won’t load nor delete. I’ve deleted apps in the past but can’t touch the two that have been downloading for days. What can I do?

  126. I did this, and all the apps icons are wiggling, however, no ‘x’ on each icon. How do I delete unwanted apps

  127. I was downloading some apps and they got stuck, so I couldn’t delete them or play them
    But for some reason while I was looking up how to delete them and found this page they just suddenly disappeared. I have no idea what happened, can you help me?

  128. Stephen copeland

    Hay um I downloaded some apps and while those apps were loading my iPod shut off and when I turned it nack on the apps were just stuck there. Any suggestions?

  129. thanks so so so so so so so so so so so so much i have waited months to learn how to do this i cant believe how easy it was i have a little sister who made me download Dora and i didn’t know how to get it of thanks so much again i deleted 13 apps wow how much junk was on my I pod

  130. Hi yes i deleted my apps off my itouch and my itunes but the capacity of the gb usage for apps will not be less its been at 4.1 gb and i have deleted many can i get some help here thank you

  131. My apps are trying to update and says loading and i am trying to delete them but i can’t. What do i do?

  132. Thank you so much I have been waiting for at least 2 months to DELETE my apps thank you your info was very helpful(:

  133. I’ve tried this several times but the applications i deleted comes back after i restarted my itouch. i’m so pissed already. please help

  134. Savanna
    March 22, 2011 – 6:30 pm
    I can’t delete a app on my ipod touch because it says it is downloading, but it has been downloading for days…so i want to delete it! How do I do that, when I can’t delete by doing what it says up there???????? HELP PLEASE!!!!!! because now I can’t download any more apps until those get downloaded, but they won’t download!?!?!? It is making me really mad!!

  135. Great, Wiggle Icon – Press the X, So nice and the first off brand facebook app did not do things I needed. Now I have the FB App, works great. Go FB, Go Apple, Go IPad !

  136. ive tried doing that but its not letting me it just wiggles but there is no x. ive done it before but now it doesnt seem to be working

  137. How do I delete an app that in NOT installed on my iPod?
    I had an app and patched it after the patch it would not load so I deleted it and went to download it but it say I already have it installed. What do I do?

  138. I’m trying to remove an app, it was a free game. It says it’s waiting???
    It keeps using all the battery power trying to download this app that never finishes downloading.
    I just want it gone!

  139. if you can’t delete an app because it’s not responding or will not finish downloading, try shutting down your iPad and restarting. this worked for me after waiting days on a download to finish .

  140. When I hold onto the app for a while it does start to wiggle but it does not show a red x next to it!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

  141. I have actually tried this way, but the thing is that i have too many apps and not all of them show on the desktop, and i can find them via search, so i cant really delete them your way!!!!!!!
    PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. my app keeps saying waiting……but i cant use it and i cant delete it …..can someone tell me how to delete it?

  143. I can’t delete a app on my ipod touch because it says it is downloading, but it has been downloading for days…so i want to delete it! How do I do that, when I can’t delete by doing what it says up there???????? HELP PLEASE!!!!!! because now I can’t download any more apps until those get downloaded, but they won’t download!?!?!? It is making me really mad!!

  144. I’m trying to remove an app, it was a free game. It is installed but it says it’s waiting??? Help me please

  145. awesome!!! stupid dog whistle app was driving me nuts and this explanation took 2 secs while I was trying for 15 minutes to figure it out on my own.

  146. press and hold the wake/sleep button (not the home button but the button on the side/edge) for a few seconds and you get a red slider and can shut the iPad off. After a few seconds, switch it back on using the same button (press and hold) and your app that was stuck on loading is still there but will now have an X when wiggling

  147. dude how dumb am I ? I was waiting till my 2 years got the apps to wiggle so i could delete things its so simple I really feel dumb.

    thank you for the super easy to follow 411


  149. Kevin Indergaard

    Please tell me how to remove app store from my iPad. Touching and holding the app icon does not initiate the x delete. I to tired of being prompted for. My credit card information for what is advertised as a free app

  150. I spent HOURS trying to figure this out!!! all I had to do was hold it down? I could really use an easy button ;) thanks

  151. Help!!! I touch it and it wiggled and then I press It down again and there is no x anywhere and I might get in trouble but the apps were free any more advice to delete the apps HELP!!!!!!!

  152. I followed your instructions to remove the app that was “waiting”. It did nothing to remove it or start the download again.
    It just reset the home page. Do you have any other ideas? Also I tried several variations. Moved the item to the main page, powered down then redid the directions. Everything I could think of to make it work. Please help me. Thank you very much.

  153. To delete apps that have not completely loaded and is stuck on waiting go to settings then general after click on reset and reset home screen layout

  154. I started downloading more than one app at a time, and all of them have jammed on waiting. Been a couple of days now and they are still jammed. Please help.

  155. Patricia Reynolds

    Four free apps have been frozen on my iPod partially loaded, it says ‘waiting’ for several days.I tried to move the first one along by downloading new apps but now I have 4 ! The X for delete does not work on partially loaded apps. Also now some of my frequently used apps no longer function ( white and yellow pages, dictionary ,and a couple of
    others).How do I delete these frozen apps and how can I get the others to function again?

  156. Ohhh my gosh… I got da new iPod for christmass so I jus kept downloadin apps. It was taken to mu space… Dis reali helped thxxx

  157. Omqee..dhanxx so much..i woukdve never think of that..i just got it yesterday nd i was bing stupid enough to download apps for nothing

  158. thankyou very much I just got my iPod Touch yesterday, and obviously I was messing with it, and I downloaded this really weird thing where you need to be online and there’s a few games on there..and if I’m honest it’s crap, so I did this wiggle x thing and it worked! My iPod is free of

  159. Thank you so much! I just got this ipod touch for Christmas and i was worried i would have to reset everything but this worked absolutely perfect. Problem solved. :)

  160. Thanks so much, got a I touch for Christmas, went nuts with free Apps, some real dogs, couldn’t figure how to get rid of them.

  161. @ Sativa, I was having the same problem…..go to settings then general and then restrictions and make sure it says “on” enter your passcode and you should see “deleting apps” make sure that is turned on ….Hope this helps :)

  162. I started downloading more than one app at a time, and all of them have jammed on waiting. Been a couple of days now and they are still jammed. Please help.

  163. OMG!! Thank you so much for this. I was so worried I wad gonna get in trouble about downloading an app without my parents knowing. So I came here and did it and no trouble for me!!

  164. A free poker app has been frozen on my iPod touch for days, partially loaded… now what? Trying to force it by downloading new apps does not work and the wiggle/X thing does not work on partially loaded apps

  165. Wow thanks a lot this was such a big help you wouldn’t believe. I got tired of trying to find a delete button. Yet it was so simple and easy thanks so much.

  166. I have an I pod touch and I downloaded an app that says dictionary but it says waiting and unable to purchase but it is still on the homescreen and i can’t get it off unless I reset everything but I can’t because I have so many other applications so how do I solve it

  167. Does anyone know how to disable the “press and hold to delete” functionality? I have a 3 year old that loves to hold his little finger on an app, then press the little “x” to delete it. I didn’t see anything in the restrictions area regarding this. Obviously I can re-sync back to my PC to restore the deleted apps, but it would save some time if I could disable it.

    Any ideas???

  168. For all you people who are having trouble with “waiting” apps. I finally figuired out what to do. Hold down on the power button until it says “slide to turn power off”. Then press the power button again and the apps should start loading again. Hope this works for you.

  169. I followed this ….
    You can get rid of the blank app that says waiting by resetting the home screen layout. Go to Settings, touch Reset, and touch Reset Home Screen Layout.

    then shut down.

    Thank you…

  170. Thanks so much that was very helpful.It would be nice if apple included a few instructions with this 300 dollar gadget

  171. How do you remove an app that failed to complete it’s install process and fails to wiggle and post it’s deletion “X”?

  172. I have an app on my IPAD which states waiting. Nothing is downloaded. I don’t expect an app to be downloaded. How do I delete this?? It is not showing up in my ITUNES library because nothing is there.


  173. You can get rid of the blank app that says waiting by resetting the home screen layout. Go to Settings, touch Reset, and touch Reset Home Screen Layout. This will have the added benefit of alphabetizing your apps.

  174. I downloaded a FREE app and the icon continues to say “Waiting…” It won’t let me access it, nor will it let me delete it. It won’t give me an option. It’s just a blank app that continues to say “Waiting”. I’d like to eliminate it but can’t. Please help. Thanks in advance.


  175. What about this problem…

    I downloaded a few FREE as well as paid apps and the icon continues to say “Waiting…” It won’t let me access it, nor will it let me delete it. I even went to the Apps Store to try and download again, but it says Installed and won’t give me an option.

    What gives?

    Thanks in advance.


  176. This is VERY helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would recomend this for those who have difficulty figuring out how to delete those unwanted apps. Thanks for the post =)

  177. hey can someone help me? i bought two apps but now they wont install, please help, and also it was because i had over eight pages of apps

  178. Hey man!

    When I Taped and hold down the icon of the application I want to delete. After a few seconds my screen started to “wiggle” but there no X appear next to each of the apps I’ve installed via the App Store.

    What I will do to delete some apps in this case?

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  180. thanks u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if my mom would have seen that.. like…. i would havebeen in big trouble!!!!!!!

  181. ‘”THANK YOUUUUUU!!!” It’s sooo nice peep’s like you are out there, to share and explain away a problem! Joan

  182. iheart tacobell!

    omg duuuddeee
    thanxxx soo muchh
    youu dontt knoeee
    i was freakingg outt lmao
    i downloaded somee free call
    app and dont knoee how to deletee that crap
    and my ipod is bran neww i dont want it

  183. lululululuu xxx

    thanx sooo much u literally saved ma life cos my mum was gonna find out that i accidentaly downloaded a game too old for me and mite have grounded me so i missed my big date this weekend thanx again its soooooo helpful :D :) :D ;)

  184. Need to delete an app that hasn’t fully loaded because of it’s size. The x doesn’t show up when you hold it down. What to do?

  185. Thank you for this one – finally able to delete the Facebook app that is no longer supported.

    I can’t believe that there is nothing built into the iPod OS in the settings section for these apps to remove them. How would anyone know that you delete by holding your finger on the app? If you have to read a manual to understand that then Apple is not the genius design house everyone claims they are.

  186. this deleting thingy on here is a life saver i can delete games then replace them with the ones i really want thanks and you should do more of these keep it up

  187. THANK YOU SO MUCH i thought i was suckered in to downloading that app which was rubbish. But also that so called site called past the problem to ask the expert who wanted money to tell me the answer!!!!!!!!

  188. when I push the app and hold it it is not wiggling neither a black X is appearing and Ican’t delete apps What do I do ???? PLZZZZZZ HElpp

  189. I downloaded an app called “iProtect” and it seems I need to delete it. But when I do this, there’s no X. Is there any possible solution to deleting it without syncing it?

  190. Suppose you have several versions of an app that use the same data, such as Storm8’s World War, Vampires, IMobsters, Racing, Pets, Kingdoms, or Ninjas. Can you delete the versions you don’t like without deleting the data?

  191. to stop the wiggling, just turn the ipad, itouch, etc. off then turn it back on. i just found that one out literally 2 seconds ago :)

  192. Alan Leschinski

    I understand I can’t delete my preloaded “mail” app. My concern is if my ipod touch gets lost it will become a security issue.IIs there a way to put a password on it so that no one else can get into my email?

  193. So I downloaded an app and either it didn’t finish or doesn’t work and now I want to delete it but when I doe the “wiggle” thing an x doesn’t appear does that mean i’m stuck with that broken app

  194. That was soooo helpful !!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS to the SOOOOOO nice women who did dat i surely didnt know how but it kept poping up on my screen thanks woman A.K.A the person who ever worte dat

  195. Marty (Costa Mesa)

    I have at this time 76 applications that were downloaded after purchasing the i-Pod touch in April of 2010, when it had only 18 original applications–the day after I set it up, so the
    total is currently 94 in all!

    For most of its short history–at least for me–I have been adding and subtracting appli-
    cations from the i-Pod, but is there a pop-up message where it will remind you that no more room is allowed due to a limit of nine complete pages? (I am planning to finish
    seven pages by the end of this year.)

    At least I now know how to take off and move boxes without using a computer–thank you!

  196. huwaw! really helps! didn’t figure that one out! i was so desperate to erase those applications not necessarily needed! thanks! God bless! :D

  197. Rm:
    if it is an invisible app (this happened to me) then either re-download it or if u got it off ur ipods app store you need to just get back on to the app store and click the update for the invivble app because it should be the same cause of the grey-apps :)

  198. jenchiuk:
    once u hav deleted the app of ur ipod, then go to your ipod on itunes and click the app section and then the app u dont want right-click and choose delete and that should send it to the recycle bin then empty the recycle bin :)

  199. Nobody has answered my question yet: I have 10 screens full of apps, ie 220 apps that are visible. Accidentally I installed another app and its icon is not visible (iPad shows only up to 11 screens). How can I delete the invisible app? I can find an run it by name using the Search, but then how can I delete it??? Thanks.

  200. I am not one to usually leave comments….but this was really helpful and straight to the point. Thanks!

  201. it’s my dads new ipad and i accedentily installed a game and i would have been in so much trouble! thanks a million!

  202. Hey I’ve deleted the application on my Ipod Touch so it goes away but it still is in the application tab on my itunes. How do you remove that as i want to fully uninstall the app…

  203. I really appreciate the help. It was so much help especially after stressing about it. By mistake I downloaded the wrong app & so I couldn’t figure out how to delete it. Wow I went through all that when the whole time it was so easy. Good thing there are websites like these. Thank you. :)

  204. My app was loaded after 10 screens were full and it’s icon is invisible, so, how can I remove such app from the iPad directly, that is, without using iTunes on my computer?

  205. Thank u so much.
    this was so helpful.
    just got iTouch yesterday off website and it didn’t come with instructions.
    I know this has installed guide but couldn’t locate it.

  206. thank alot i did this a few times on accedent and could not find ou how to again that was very helpfull but how do i get the screen to stop wiggleing

  207. Tha_Hero – wishful thinking. But no, it does not work that way. You bought it – it’s yours. But no refunds if you don’t like it (unless the developer happens to give refunds – which I’ve never seen, but I suppose isn’t impossible). It’s never, ever automated by iTunes though.

  208. hey guys, a lot of you are having the never-loading-app problem, to fix it simply turn off your device, and enter the appstore thru the device. should be gone after this ^_^

  209. Thanx so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! that helped me so much……..i was worried that i was using up my GB…..but not anymore!!! i cant thank you enough! <3

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  211. On my ipod touch, when I click on a game the game shows up then it goes back to the main menu what do I do I have tryed everthing lease help me causeI I really want to play a game on my ipod touch

  212. HI!
    I have figured it out! if your ipod touch applications are grey and saying waiting then all you have to do is connect to WIFI again and go on the application store, and POOF like magic there normal again! YAY! add i think maybe after i fixed that you can load the missing applications! ;)

  213. Hi,
    I have got grey applications on my ipod touch because when I was updating them (through WIFI) my battery died, and when i switched it back on again I got the grey applications saying “waiting” I have tried EVERYTHING! I.E switch ipod off then back on again, authorizing itunes. Also some applications i downloaded onto my itunes only show in the application tab picture of how the ipod is SUPPOSED to look, but there not on the ipod touch but there is a space where the application should be!!
    PLEASE HELP ME! this is a new-ish ipod and I only got it for xmas 2009.

  214. mine wont mine wiggles and then it cracks the screen not really cracks the screen but i have an app and it just makes a very loud noise and cracks

  215. Thanks! I was getting frustrated that I’d remove it from iPhone or iTunes and then it would sync and re-installed.
    Works a treat now!

  216. TO REMOVE A WAITING APP….go to —settings—general—reset—reset home screen. Now the waiting app should be gone.

  217. how to delete files on ipod without connecting to computer? just like photos, videos and songs? how to delete it? please I really need your help!

  218. to delete a waiting game or app tap and hold the app or game thats waiting and it should come up with the option to delete

  219. something you dont wanna know

    THANK you o much iv been using my ipod touch for a while but i never figered out how to delete apps. =D XD :P <3

  220. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks i really needed to delete somestuff and didnt know how and showed me easy by those simple/ basic instructions.

  221. thanks man that really helped me out there were tons of apps i’ve downloaded and most of them were stupid and after i read this bye bye lol

  222. Thanks ever so much.
    My sister put on lots of rude ones when she borrowed it for a sleepover and then my mum wanted to borrow it :(
    Thanks so much you saved me from huge embrassment :)

  223. Don’t you like my name its my real name no joke I’m Alvin the chipmunk hey what up dudes?hope you see my 3’rd movie alvin and the chipmunks somthing don’t know me and dave are doin good only couple of accidents don’t want to tell you though but I hope you you. See my Alvin and chimunks the sqequel I hurt Dave but c ya Lara dudes alvin c is sighning off bye guys.

  224. THAT WAS SO HELPFULL!!! I just got my ipod touch and wanted to erase an app called WINK, since the only thing you could do on it was make a filmstrip that were REALLY expensive. The second i saw this i went strait to my ipod and “by by WINK!!!”

  225. Thanks soooooooooooooo much!!! I’m better than my mom at any electronics but i dont think that would’ve EVER accured to my head! Thanks a lot!