How to delete apps from your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad

You’ve downloaded an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad App from the App Store, and have now discovered you don’t really want or need that App. This tutorial will show you how to delete it from your iPhone, iPod Touch and/or iPad.

  1. On your Home screen, locate the App you want to delete. For this example, I’ll use WeatherBug.
  2.  Tap and hold down the icon of the App you want to uninstall. After a few seconds your screen will start to “wiggle” and an X will appear next to each of the Apps you’ve installed via the App Store.
  3. Note: if the X doesn’t appear at all, skip down to step #7 below.
  4. Tap the X next to the icon of the App you want to remove. When prompted, select Delete.

  5. And now it’s gone.
  6. If the application is listed in your iTunes Applications as well, you’ll want to remove it from there – or else it will re-install the next time you sync. Alternately you can keep the app in your iTunes Applications, and set iTunes not to sync all applications, just the ones you want to keep. See the Applications tab of your device the next time it’s connected in iTunes for syncing options.
  7.  You cannot delete certain apps – typically the ones that come pre-loaded on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad – such as Stocks, Weather, Safari etc. You can use this tutorial to “move” them to another screen (perhaps the ‘last’ one) so that you don’t have to see them and/or make room for the Apps you use more frequently.
  8. If you don’t see an X mark at all, on any of your Apps – you’ll need to enable an existing Restriction before you can uninstall Apps. Start out by tapping the Settings button from your Home screen.
  9. the settings button for the iphone, ipad and ipod touch

  10. Scroll down to the General tab and select it.
  11. Now scroll to Restrictions and select that.
  12. When prompted, enter your 4 digit PIN code. If you don’t know your 4 digit PIN code – start guessing. Ask a family member who may have set it up for you. If you can’t determine the 4 digit PIN code, you will not be able to make any changes.
  13. Scroll down to the Allow: section of the Disable Restrictions screen. Look for the entry titled Deleting Apps. Slide the button next to it from OFF to ON.
  14. Double-check to make sure the Deleting Apps entry is set to ON.
  15. Now jump back to step #2 and you should have no problem uninstalling Apps from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
  16. Note: if you’d like to disable the ability for Apps to be installed at all on an iPhone, see this tutorial on how to stop Apps from being installed on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This can be particularly useful for parents who want to be able to control which Apps are installed on their childs iDevice.

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  1. Thanks! Also note that after you delete the apps you don’t want, hit the Home button to make the buttons stop wiggling. :D

  2. Douglass Dalton

    What if you want to delete one of the basic apps? For example, I would like to delete the stocks icon.

  3. Yeah, it looks like you can only remove the ones you’ve added yourself. However, if you slide your finger across the screen to the left as if you’re moving the page aside, you’ll come to another page of the launchpad (I hope I’m getting these terms right), and it turns out you can move the apps around between these pages. If you move stocks to page two or three, chances are they’ll be out of sight, out of mind.


  4. problem is I dowloaded these apps but it won’t let me delete them. Anyone know why or have a similar problem? I’m on a jailbroken ipod

  5. How funny that the app you chose to use in your example was WeatherBug! That is the exact same app I was trying to delete. Thanks. Very straightforward and helpful.

  6. In response to mat above…
    If you used Cydia to install the app on a jailbroken ipod, use Cydia to uninstall. Open Cydia, then go to Manage, then packages, then select the one you want to uninstall. If you used something else to instal I would imagine it would be similar but I can’t say for sure.

  7. Well, I just bought a used iPhone from a friend and there’s a TapTap button on it that just says “Loading”. It’s like it was just partially downloaded. And I can’t remove it. Can someone giveme some help?

  8. I have the same problem. How do I delete an app that is constantly “loading”? Because of this it doesn’t give the “x” I need to delete it.

  9. I have also the same problem as Rick, Lorenzo, Mat and etc. My ipod Touch has the new software version 2.2., it hasnt been jailbroken, but I couldnt delete these “loading” grey icons. What I have done by this time is to move them to the last page so I dont want to see them all the time.

    If there is some way to solve this problem, please write it here, will check this page again.


  10. I have found that with my ipod when i hold down the icon till it starts to wiggle no x appears. i dont know why, but the way you get rid of these apps is to go into the installer and remove them through there. if you have already done this and the icon still appears, you need to reinstall the app that you deleted and unistall it agian, this should solve your problem.

  11. Thanks Jake! I installed snapture and it got buggy on me and couldnt figure out how to uninstall. Through Cydia worked! thanks again

  12. i dont really understand why i cant install the apps i want, all they do is show up as LOADING..
    what should i do to install these apps???

  13. Hey all,

    When I try to hold down the icon, it doesn’t wiggle, and no X appears. Its a jailbroken itouch using Zibri, and I’m trying to delete the shortcut to Zibri’s blog. My itouch is also pretty old, its has much less icons on the main screen compared to what I’ve seen online. Is it because its too old or something, and is there a way to remove the icon still?


  14. try getting closer to a internet connection so they can load if that doesnt help idk how to delete them cause i have not had that problem yet. i wouyld say just try to get closer to where you started downloading it

  15. haha i cant belive how simple this was
    i got a IPod rouch for xmas and for 5 days i’ve been trying to delete ‘jelly car’
    but didnt know how
    the instructions with ipods are rubbish!

  16. I need to delete applications that I installed from cedya, no X appear on the icon. What should I do to delete them??

  17. No problem Paul…
    This blog is amazing we guys should just keep updating this as far as possible…
    Does anyone face the problem of iphone being frozen of very first day…
    and also once i faced the problem of using handsfree and then after removing handsfree i cudnt hear anything..
    I am thinking of going to apple store n gettin a new one…

  18. Hi guys I am also facing the same problem of trying to delete zibir’s blog icon bu the screen does not wiggle and no “x “appears.

  19. if you want to get rid of the zibir’s icon just do this…..instal 1.1.3/4 ipod update/ full features and then you can hold an icon and they start to wiggle then you should see a little x above the zibri icon and tap it and poof! its GONE! LOL

  20. Thanks get info. .there are NO instructions for the IPOD. I bought an IPOD touch book and nowhere did it say how to delete icons; However I did learn a LOT from it. Get a book and you will learn a lot more about your IPOD Touch or Iphone.

  21. Thanks for the tip, and even more helpful…
    If you do the wiggle, X, delete function while still attached to iTunes, the app list will automatically change in iTunes to an uncheck in front of those apps that you just deleted from your device. This will ensure that those deleted apps will not be replaced on your device but can remain in iTunes idle if you should change your mind and want them back. Cheers.

  22. Thanks, friend! I’ve been trying to do this for a while and I couldn’t figure out why my applications didn’t disappear after I removed them from the Applications section of iTunes. Thanks to you, problem solved :-)

  23. Hi, I Just had the issue of an icon constantly ‘loading’ and you can’t press and hold to get the ‘x’ to delete it.
    The solution was to turn off the unit (a 2nd Gen touch 32GB) by pressing and holding the sleep button (on top left edge of the unit) to give you a ‘swipe’ option to power off the touch fully. Then when you restart you should see the apple logo (otherwise you’re probably not rebooting) and the application should have fully loaded or disappeared according to where you where in downloading I reckon.
    Anyway this is what worked for me. Sorry if it doesn’t address your issue.

  24. Thank You. Can’t believe it was that easy. I thought I just got suckered into installing a bunchof free apps.

  25. I am still trying to get rid of the apps I don’t want that came with the itouch. I have no interest in looking up my stocks while I am listening to music. How can I get ride of them???

  26. I’m with firefiter (#75) – I want to get rid of some of the apps that came installed on the iPod Touch. This tutorial helped me remove a few *I* had added that I ended up not using, but there are still a few pre-installed ones I want to jettison. I did move them to the end of the list (second page) so I don’t have to see them all the time, but I’d rather they were gone.

  27. This helped me so, so much. It’s not every day that you come across a website so clear, simple, and helpful. That’s awesome. Thanks!!!

  28. Ok, I’m not a noob, I already knew how to do this, but my problem is that whenever the icon is wobbling and the x appears, I still can’t delete it, even when I press the x. Email me if you can help. Cheers.

  29. When I tap my app icons on home screen and hold it for a couple second they don’t even wiggle. It is jail broken 1.1.5 with a capatible patch on it for 1.1.4 . Is there anything I can do to make this work so I can move the apps where I want??thanks

  30. Hey, Sounds easy but i don’t get the x on the apps! I have the iphone mini, it shouldn’t be any different! the icons still wiggle, but i cant delete or re-arange the icons!! help

  31. well Rose the problem might be that you installed basic apps which cannot be deleted on home screen, so an X wont appear on them. But im not sure about the not being able to move the icons.

  32. Also if u jailbreaked ur itouch than u cant move icons if it was a pre-january update. U can tell if the itouch has the january update is by seeing if u have the, weather, maps, mail, etc. apps. But most likley it still would so u should backup ur files and reset ur itouch if u know how search it on google or type back

  33. You DON’T want to delete Stocks!! (Even if you think you do!!) The reason: you can do stuff with Stocks besides use it to find out about stocks. The app Stocks also does currency conversion, for example, which you are sooner or later gonna need in everyday real life….

    Leave Stocks on there… really!!

  34. I need to delete applications that I installed from cedya, no X appear on the icon. What should I do to delete them??

  35. Worried Mother

    I have a daughter who is constantly on MSN and or Facebook…and I have threatened to ‘remove’ these Apps from her iPOD touch. How do I do that? She’s too young to have this much access 24/7 to the internet. I need to be able to control her usage without taking away the unit from her. Alternatively, I would like to set a unique ‘password’ on her iPOD touch as a security field to these types of Apps. Is that possible to do?

  36. Okay so to “worried mother” you can set restrictions but only by turning of app usage completely….unless the iPod or iPhone is jailbroken…(hacked) where you can install an app called Lockdown. And to just delete the app altogether….hold down on it till it wiggles….then press the “x” in the top right corner of the app.
    My icons wiggle when I hold them down….and an x appears…but I can’t click it…it doesn’t work….I have a jailbroken 1st gen iPod touch…email me @

  37. i installed wikipanion and it just said waiting i was like irritated n pissed off b4 i saw this blog…………i di’nt knew it was so easy that too just restart the touch………i m very very very thankful to you………..
    thank you
    thank you
    thank you

  38. if you want to get rid of an app that came with your iphone
    your phone need to be jail broken (search on that, i’m just going to expain how to remove the unwanted icons forever)
    ok please be aware that you won’t get then back unless you save them in your pc
    1. first you need a program to get into your phone (I always use WinSPC) this
    one is for windows users, there is more for windows and for Mac users as well please read on how to use this program
    2. you are going to need openssh from cydia, please install it
    3. Now go into your phone using WinSPC and go back all the way to the root
    and the first folder is called applications scroll down until you find the
    folder you are looking for and delete it (I deleted Stocks)
    4. Next terminate session with WinSPC and make sure the application you
    deleted is not working anymore
    5. turn off your phone holding down the top button
    6. turn your phone on the same way it was turned off the application should
    be gone

  39. Yesterday I deleted some without problem, today i forgot how to do it :) So i just googled how to delete apps from Ipod Touch. Thanks GOOGLE :))) THANKS simplehelp!!!

  40. That was really easy. Just the right answer I needed.
    Note that you push the “home”button for stopping the wiggling.

  41. Ok so i have an app, on my i pod, but it will not download all the way and when i try to delet it, it wont let me. what can i do to get rid of it? i hav tried to rebute it, and when it comes on, they will not be there, but when i try to downloadan app, i reappars.

  42. I’m tired of seeing upgrade notifications for apps I have no desire to upgrade. How do I make the notification go away? This is little number (of apps) that have upgrades available.

  43. what if i dnt want the stock app which was alredi on the phone?? also do you know how i cn get all my apps on oone page instead of two? thanks x

  44. some of my apps i want to delete such as Who Wants to be A Millionaire, dont have a cross on them. and itunes doesnt let me delete them either..

  45. But is it possible to delete the apps that come with the iPhone, for instance I can do without the “Stocks” app, but when I follow this advice (excellent, thank you) I’m not given the option to delete that. Suggestions? Thanks

  46. this is the best piece of electronic gear I have ever bought. Cannot believe the stuff it can do. Jailbreaking took about 10 seconds, very impressed. Thankyou to the Blackra1n author!

  47. Thank You!! I was expecting to have to do something really hard, buts its so easy! I thought i was going to be stuck with all my apps forever!! x

  48. Thanks a MILLION. I rely on forums like this for all the tech support I need instead of Apple. The people out in the world are so helpful. You just saved me a trip to downtown Atlanta to the Apple store.

  49. that was so easy thanks ,but i started to download an app andn it went wrong i dont know how but i am now left with an app saying waiting and i cant remove it any hints on how

  50. Thank you sooooooooooooo much!!!!!!! Why don’t they put how to do this on the instuctions WITH the iPod Touch??? THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH THIS HAS HELPED HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  51. my ipod touch has a grey waiting sign on it, and it will not let me remove or delete it. i was in my app store on my ipod touch and i pressed update all games. it stoped and all i was left with was all my games as grey waiting signs.

  52. Wow I did it before but I couldn’t remember how to do it you helped Sooooo much thank you alought man I was trying to figure out how to do it for houres and coudn’t figure it out and with you it was seconds thanks again!!!

  53. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What if it won’t stop downloading? Mine has been saying “waiting” for three days now, and I want to get rid of it.

  54. thanks heaps, got an ipod touch for christmas and couldn’t figure it out. was so simple, thanks for easy and short but excellent explanation.

  55. Thanks soooooooooooooo much!!! I’m better than my mom at any electronics but i dont think that would’ve EVER accured to my head! Thanks a lot!

  56. THAT WAS SO HELPFULL!!! I just got my ipod touch and wanted to erase an app called WINK, since the only thing you could do on it was make a filmstrip that were REALLY expensive. The second i saw this i went strait to my ipod and “by by WINK!!!”

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  58. Thanks ever so much.
    My sister put on lots of rude ones when she borrowed it for a sleepover and then my mum wanted to borrow it :(
    Thanks so much you saved me from huge embrassment :)

  59. thanks man that really helped me out there were tons of apps i’ve downloaded and most of them were stupid and after i read this bye bye lol

  60. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks i really needed to delete somestuff and didnt know how and showed me easy by those simple/ basic instructions.

  61. something you dont wanna know

    THANK you o much iv been using my ipod touch for a while but i never figered out how to delete apps. =D XD :P <3

  62. to delete a waiting game or app tap and hold the app or game thats waiting and it should come up with the option to delete

  63. how to delete files on ipod without connecting to computer? just like photos, videos and songs? how to delete it? please I really need your help!

  64. TO REMOVE A WAITING APP….go to —settings—general—reset—reset home screen. Now the waiting app should be gone.

  65. Thanks! I was getting frustrated that I’d remove it from iPhone or iTunes and then it would sync and re-installed.
    Works a treat now!

  66. mine wont mine wiggles and then it cracks the screen not really cracks the screen but i have an app and it just makes a very loud noise and cracks

  67. Hi,
    I have got grey applications on my ipod touch because when I was updating them (through WIFI) my battery died, and when i switched it back on again I got the grey applications saying “waiting” I have tried EVERYTHING! I.E switch ipod off then back on again, authorizing itunes. Also some applications i downloaded onto my itunes only show in the application tab picture of how the ipod is SUPPOSED to look, but there not on the ipod touch but there is a space where the application should be!!
    PLEASE HELP ME! this is a new-ish ipod and I only got it for xmas 2009.

  68. HI!
    I have figured it out! if your ipod touch applications are grey and saying waiting then all you have to do is connect to WIFI again and go on the application store, and POOF like magic there normal again! YAY! add i think maybe after i fixed that you can load the missing applications! ;)

  69. On my ipod touch, when I click on a game the game shows up then it goes back to the main menu what do I do I have tryed everthing lease help me causeI I really want to play a game on my ipod touch

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  71. Thanx so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! that helped me so much……..i was worried that i was using up my GB…..but not anymore!!! i cant thank you enough! <3

  72. hey guys, a lot of you are having the never-loading-app problem, to fix it simply turn off your device, and enter the appstore thru the device. should be gone after this ^_^

  73. Tha_Hero – wishful thinking. But no, it does not work that way. You bought it – it’s yours. But no refunds if you don’t like it (unless the developer happens to give refunds – which I’ve never seen, but I suppose isn’t impossible). It’s never, ever automated by iTunes though.

  74. thank alot i did this a few times on accedent and could not find ou how to again that was very helpfull but how do i get the screen to stop wiggleing

  75. Thank u so much.
    this was so helpful.
    just got iTouch yesterday off website and it didn’t come with instructions.
    I know this has installed guide but couldn’t locate it.

  76. My app was loaded after 10 screens were full and it’s icon is invisible, so, how can I remove such app from the iPad directly, that is, without using iTunes on my computer?

  77. I really appreciate the help. It was so much help especially after stressing about it. By mistake I downloaded the wrong app & so I couldn’t figure out how to delete it. Wow I went through all that when the whole time it was so easy. Good thing there are websites like these. Thank you. :)

  78. Hey I’ve deleted the application on my Ipod Touch so it goes away but it still is in the application tab on my itunes. How do you remove that as i want to fully uninstall the app…

  79. it’s my dads new ipad and i accedentily installed a game and i would have been in so much trouble! thanks a million!

  80. I am not one to usually leave comments….but this was really helpful and straight to the point. Thanks!

  81. Nobody has answered my question yet: I have 10 screens full of apps, ie 220 apps that are visible. Accidentally I installed another app and its icon is not visible (iPad shows only up to 11 screens). How can I delete the invisible app? I can find an run it by name using the Search, but then how can I delete it??? Thanks.

  82. jenchiuk:
    once u hav deleted the app of ur ipod, then go to your ipod on itunes and click the app section and then the app u dont want right-click and choose delete and that should send it to the recycle bin then empty the recycle bin :)

  83. Rm:
    if it is an invisible app (this happened to me) then either re-download it or if u got it off ur ipods app store you need to just get back on to the app store and click the update for the invivble app because it should be the same cause of the grey-apps :)

  84. huwaw! really helps! didn’t figure that one out! i was so desperate to erase those applications not necessarily needed! thanks! God bless! :D

  85. Marty (Costa Mesa)

    I have at this time 76 applications that were downloaded after purchasing the i-Pod touch in April of 2010, when it had only 18 original applications–the day after I set it up, so the
    total is currently 94 in all!

    For most of its short history–at least for me–I have been adding and subtracting appli-
    cations from the i-Pod, but is there a pop-up message where it will remind you that no more room is allowed due to a limit of nine complete pages? (I am planning to finish
    seven pages by the end of this year.)

    At least I now know how to take off and move boxes without using a computer–thank you!

  86. That was soooo helpful !!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS to the SOOOOOO nice women who did dat i surely didnt know how but it kept poping up on my screen thanks woman A.K.A the person who ever worte dat

  87. So I downloaded an app and either it didn’t finish or doesn’t work and now I want to delete it but when I doe the “wiggle” thing an x doesn’t appear does that mean i’m stuck with that broken app

  88. Alan Leschinski

    I understand I can’t delete my preloaded “mail” app. My concern is if my ipod touch gets lost it will become a security issue.IIs there a way to put a password on it so that no one else can get into my email?

  89. to stop the wiggling, just turn the ipad, itouch, etc. off then turn it back on. i just found that one out literally 2 seconds ago :)

  90. Suppose you have several versions of an app that use the same data, such as Storm8’s World War, Vampires, IMobsters, Racing, Pets, Kingdoms, or Ninjas. Can you delete the versions you don’t like without deleting the data?

  91. I downloaded an app called “iProtect” and it seems I need to delete it. But when I do this, there’s no X. Is there any possible solution to deleting it without syncing it?

  92. when I push the app and hold it it is not wiggling neither a black X is appearing and Ican’t delete apps What do I do ???? PLZZZZZZ HElpp

  93. THANK YOU SO MUCH i thought i was suckered in to downloading that app which was rubbish. But also that so called site called past the problem to ask the expert who wanted money to tell me the answer!!!!!!!!

  94. this deleting thingy on here is a life saver i can delete games then replace them with the ones i really want thanks and you should do more of these keep it up

  95. Thank you for this one – finally able to delete the Facebook app that is no longer supported.

    I can’t believe that there is nothing built into the iPod OS in the settings section for these apps to remove them. How would anyone know that you delete by holding your finger on the app? If you have to read a manual to understand that then Apple is not the genius design house everyone claims they are.

  96. Need to delete an app that hasn’t fully loaded because of it’s size. The x doesn’t show up when you hold it down. What to do?

  97. lululululuu xxx

    thanx sooo much u literally saved ma life cos my mum was gonna find out that i accidentaly downloaded a game too old for me and mite have grounded me so i missed my big date this weekend thanx again its soooooo helpful :D :) :D ;)

  98. iheart tacobell!

    omg duuuddeee
    thanxxx soo muchh
    youu dontt knoeee
    i was freakingg outt lmao
    i downloaded somee free call
    app and dont knoee how to deletee that crap
    and my ipod is bran neww i dont want it

  99. ‘”THANK YOUUUUUU!!!” It’s sooo nice peep’s like you are out there, to share and explain away a problem! Joan

  100. thanks u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if my mom would have seen that.. like…. i would havebeen in big trouble!!!!!!!

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  102. Hey man!

    When I Taped and hold down the icon of the application I want to delete. After a few seconds my screen started to “wiggle” but there no X appear next to each of the apps I’ve installed via the App Store.

    What I will do to delete some apps in this case?

  103. hey can someone help me? i bought two apps but now they wont install, please help, and also it was because i had over eight pages of apps

  104. This is VERY helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would recomend this for those who have difficulty figuring out how to delete those unwanted apps. Thanks for the post =)

  105. What about this problem…

    I downloaded a few FREE as well as paid apps and the icon continues to say “Waiting…” It won’t let me access it, nor will it let me delete it. I even went to the Apps Store to try and download again, but it says Installed and won’t give me an option.

    What gives?

    Thanks in advance.


  106. I downloaded a FREE app and the icon continues to say “Waiting…” It won’t let me access it, nor will it let me delete it. It won’t give me an option. It’s just a blank app that continues to say “Waiting”. I’d like to eliminate it but can’t. Please help. Thanks in advance.


  107. You can get rid of the blank app that says waiting by resetting the home screen layout. Go to Settings, touch Reset, and touch Reset Home Screen Layout. This will have the added benefit of alphabetizing your apps.

  108. I have an app on my IPAD which states waiting. Nothing is downloaded. I don’t expect an app to be downloaded. How do I delete this?? It is not showing up in my ITUNES library because nothing is there.


  109. How do you remove an app that failed to complete it’s install process and fails to wiggle and post it’s deletion “X”?

  110. Thanks so much that was very helpful.It would be nice if apple included a few instructions with this 300 dollar gadget

  111. I followed this ….
    You can get rid of the blank app that says waiting by resetting the home screen layout. Go to Settings, touch Reset, and touch Reset Home Screen Layout.

    then shut down.

    Thank you…

  112. For all you people who are having trouble with “waiting” apps. I finally figuired out what to do. Hold down on the power button until it says “slide to turn power off”. Then press the power button again and the apps should start loading again. Hope this works for you.

  113. Does anyone know how to disable the “press and hold to delete” functionality? I have a 3 year old that loves to hold his little finger on an app, then press the little “x” to delete it. I didn’t see anything in the restrictions area regarding this. Obviously I can re-sync back to my PC to restore the deleted apps, but it would save some time if I could disable it.

    Any ideas???

  114. I have an I pod touch and I downloaded an app that says dictionary but it says waiting and unable to purchase but it is still on the homescreen and i can’t get it off unless I reset everything but I can’t because I have so many other applications so how do I solve it

  115. Wow thanks a lot this was such a big help you wouldn’t believe. I got tired of trying to find a delete button. Yet it was so simple and easy thanks so much.

  116. A free poker app has been frozen on my iPod touch for days, partially loaded… now what? Trying to force it by downloading new apps does not work and the wiggle/X thing does not work on partially loaded apps

  117. OMG!! Thank you so much for this. I was so worried I wad gonna get in trouble about downloading an app without my parents knowing. So I came here and did it and no trouble for me!!

  118. I started downloading more than one app at a time, and all of them have jammed on waiting. Been a couple of days now and they are still jammed. Please help.

  119. @ Sativa, I was having the same problem…..go to settings then general and then restrictions and make sure it says “on” enter your passcode and you should see “deleting apps” make sure that is turned on ….Hope this helps :)

  120. Thanks so much, got a I touch for Christmas, went nuts with free Apps, some real dogs, couldn’t figure how to get rid of them.

  121. Thank you so much! I just got this ipod touch for Christmas and i was worried i would have to reset everything but this worked absolutely perfect. Problem solved. :)

  122. thankyou very much I just got my iPod Touch yesterday, and obviously I was messing with it, and I downloaded this really weird thing where you need to be online and there’s a few games on there..and if I’m honest it’s crap, so I did this wiggle x thing and it worked! My iPod is free of

  123. Omqee..dhanxx so much..i woukdve never think of that..i just got it yesterday nd i was bing stupid enough to download apps for nothing

  124. Ohhh my gosh… I got da new iPod for christmass so I jus kept downloadin apps. It was taken to mu space… Dis reali helped thxxx

  125. Patricia Reynolds

    Four free apps have been frozen on my iPod partially loaded, it says ‘waiting’ for several days.I tried to move the first one along by downloading new apps but now I have 4 ! The X for delete does not work on partially loaded apps. Also now some of my frequently used apps no longer function ( white and yellow pages, dictionary ,and a couple of
    others).How do I delete these frozen apps and how can I get the others to function again?

  126. I started downloading more than one app at a time, and all of them have jammed on waiting. Been a couple of days now and they are still jammed. Please help.