How to reorder the icons on your iPhone or iPod Touch springboard

This tutorial was created in response to several emails I’ve received on the subject. It’s another one of those “obvious, but easily overlooked” topics.

  1. To change the order of the icons on your iPhone or iPod Touch home screen (often referred to as the springboard) – tap and hold down any one of the icons. After holding down the icon for a couple of seconds, all of your icons will start to “wiggle”, and the applications that can be removed – generally those you have installed from the App Store – will have small X’s in the upper-left corner.
  2. iphone/ipod touch springboard
    click to enlarge

  3. While the icons are wiggling, tap and hold down the one you want to move, and drag it to whatever location you want.
  4. iphone/ipod touch springboard with icons relocated
    click to enlarge

  5. Repeat step #2 until you’re happy with your springboard layout. When you’re done, click the “bottom” button on your iPhone/iPod Touch.

43 thoughts on “How to reorder the icons on your iPhone or iPod Touch springboard”

  1. is there a easy way to relayout all the icons? After I remove the app, it has a hole in the icon list. I want all the icon to move up one spot…

  2. hi, I have an app that apparently didn’t download completly and it stays “waiting”, is there any way i can delete this????

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  5. I have a jailbroken ipod, and i knew this methid and it worked while jailbroken, but now all the other icons wigle but the one selected, and i try to dragg it qnd i cant, cant move any icon. If u know an answer that does not involve upgrading to 3.1.3 then i will be very greatful


  6. hi
    i downloaded few free applications but they did not get installed properly. now when i hold on any icon and the icons start wiggling, there is no x mark on these bad donloads, how do i delete or reinstall them???

  7. @pitta
    Did you get a fix for the icons issue witouth restoring? I have an iphone 3GS and i have the same issue, tried removing and reinstalling MULTIcon mover but nothing happens i still cant move any of the icons.
    email me if you have the fix.

  8. i got rid of the icon when i activated the Wi-Fi on my iPhone, this was the only thing i hadnt tried.

    it was either that or after i did a hard restart, when i switched my phone off overnight(as i forgot about it being off until the next day).

    thx for the help folks,


  9. I removed the last program i had installed rebooted the phone and the issue with the icons was fixed.

    hope it helps someone else!

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  11. I cant read the responses’they are in another language. The problem we have is there is something loading that I can’t delete but it won’t finish loading

  12. Its people like you that are really appreciated for your goodwill in helping out the rest of us who are “technologically challenged” at times. Thanks so much.
    Best Regards

  13. Well, I have more apps than pages can fit them onto.. and I accidentally downloaded an app I don’t use, but I dont know how to erase that. Help? :P


  15. @ Veronica, and Jim. Unfortunately some apps can’t be removed but they can be grouped together which I hope will solve both of your issues. It’s done by simply moving one app on top of another, which will in turn create a box that will hold up to 12 apps total. I pray that doesn’t seem complicated. Please feel free to email me at for further explanation. The users manual is free to download in the AppStore. You can view it on your iPod/iPhone/iPad via iBooks. Hope that helps.

  16. I have downloaded a few apps and the apps says “waiting”. I already waited for 3 days but the apps is still not installed. How can I delete them? (when I press and hold but there is no X) please help !!!

  17. How can I move the apps from another screen…Figured out how to delete, how to get folders but this one I can’t figure out. Thank you for any help.

  18. by the way how do i delete some apps that it says ‘tap race’ application is not PXL, cant be delete.’ thanks for any help
    and eileen its the same way that how you do it when you want to change the order in same screen by draging it all the way to the left or right whatever you want it to

  19. Hi, I am having trouble moving some icons from one page to another. I slide them all the way over to the side of the page but then they bounce back.

    1. Sorry if this is being obvious but you do like one of those kids puzzles:  you move a few apps out of the bottom row that stays on all pages, then move the one you want on another page to the bottom row, go to the page where you want it, then move it out of the bottom row and onto the page.  Then refill the bottom row with the ones you want there.

  20. @jan, I just figured that out using the same theory provided by Ross (thanks SOOO much, Ross!!!). I made the icons wiggle, then moved one I wanted to move to another page to the bottom row that always shows up. Then, while they were all still wiggling, I changed to another page and then moved the icon up onto the page where I wanted it. You have to locate it before the last icon to have it work. Hope this helps.

  21. re comment about not being able to remove some of the apps…I moved them to a different page then grouped them into a file and named it “unused apps” just to keep them out of my way.

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