How to upload a website built with iWeb to a non .mac/MobileMe account

Publishing a web site using iWeb to a .mac or MobileMe account is dead simple. Publishing to your own server/hosting company isn’t difficult, but this tutorial will show you how to make it even easier – and much faster, especially if you have a large site.

Please note: iWeb is no longer in development and does not work in modern versions of macOS. As such, we have asked Google to remove this article from search results, though it will remain online for archival purposes.

  1. Start by “publishing” your site to a local folder. When you’re done updating your pages, click File -> Publish to a Folder…
  2. publish to a folder in iweb
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  3. Navigate to the folder on your hard drive you want to publish (save) your site in. If you haven’t yet, make sure to enter the URL for your site in the space provided. Click Choose when you’re done.
  4. selecting a folder on your hard drive to publish your iweb site
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  5. After your site has been successfully published to a local folder, you’ll be prompted with a message telling you just that. Click OK.
  6. iweb confirming a successful local publish
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  7. Now download and install w2w. It’s a small, free, and very easy to use utility. To install it, just unzip the file and drag it to your Applications folder. Launch it from there.
  8. w2w in the applications folder
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  9. Click the + (plus) button.
  10. w2w setup window

  11. Enter the appropriate info for your web server. Click the Browse button and navigate to the local folder you published your site in (back in step #2).

    If your web host/server has a specific folder that you have to put web files in, enter that folder in the Remote folder field. For example, when you FTP or SSH to your web server, if you have to put files in a sub-directory of your home folder titled www – enter www.

  12. w2w site info window

  13. Once you’ve filled in the required fields, click the Upload button.
  14. w2w upload

  15. What makes w2w particularly helpful, aside from its ease of use, is that it will only upload files that have changed (or new files). This saves time, because you won’t need to upload every file just to make sure the new/updated ones are sent.
  16. file listing displaying different timestamps

  17. The next time you update your site using iWeb, just re-publish to your local folder, then launch w2w and click the Upload button (you won’t need to re-enter your site info as it’s saved).

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