How to Use the Content Library Feature of Publisher 2007

This tutorial will show you how to add items to the Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 Content Library, and then re-use them whenever you want.

Please note: This guide was published back in 2008 and is now considered out of date, unless you’re using the same (older) version of Publisher.

The Publisher Content Library is a repository of frequently used items. You can add frequently used phrases (text), images, even entire text boxes – to the library. Then when you want to re-use an item, just pull it from the content library and add it to your document.

  1. Right-click on the item you want to add to your content library (in this case an image – see the screenshot below) and select Add to Content Library…
  2. right click an image in microsoft publisher and select add content to library

  3. Give the item a descriptive name in the Title: field. You can also add it to a Category to make finding pieces of content easier once you have a lot of them.
  4. content library adding an item window
    click to enlarge

  5. To re-use an item, make sure the Task Pane is displayed (select View -> Task Pane).
  6. publisher view task pane menu

  7. Select the top menu of the Task Pane and select Content Library from the drop-down list.
  8. task pane menu with content library selected

  9. All of the items in your content library will be displayed.
  10. publisher content library

  11. To insert one into your current document, click it and select Insert from the drop-down list. That item will be added to your document.
  12. insert an item from the content library into a document

  13. You can also drag items right out of the content library into your document. It can be easier/faster to place the item this way.

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