How to add bookmarking functionality to the suite of tools

Using the excellent Bookmarks Menu extension for, you can easily bookmark files, commands, shell commands and macros from within the apps – and quickly access them from those same apps.

Please note: The extension outlined in this guide is no longer in development and does not work in modern versions of OpenOffice. As such, we have asked Google to remove this article from search results, though it will remain online for archival purposes.

  1. First up, download the extension. If you need help installing extensions, see this tutorial.
  2. Once installed, select Tools -> Add-Ons -> Bookmarks Menu… from any of the apps.
  3. The Edit Bookmarks Menu window will appear. You can explore the options from this section, but may want to hold off until you’re a bit more familiar with using the extension. For now, click OK.

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  5. Open one of the programs (for this example I opened a document with Writer). A new Bookmark menu item will appear. Select it, and choose Bookmark This Document… from the drop-down list.
  6. Similar to bookmarking sites in your web browser, give the file (bookmark) a name and click OK.
  7. And now you’ll be able to quickly access that file from within any of the applications!

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