How to install extensions

This brief tutorial will guide you through installing extensions.

  1. First up, download the extension you want to use. Save it to your desktop (or any location on your hard drive, just remember where).
  2. Launch and select Tools -> Extension Manager…
  3. tools drop-down menu

  4. Click the Add… button in the Extension Manager.
  5. Navigate to the extension you’ve already downloaded and would like to install (extensions end with .oxt). Select it and then click Open.
  6. Depending on the extension, you may have to agree to a license agreement – and the main window may provide some instructions on how to use that extension – so it’s worth reading. When you’re done, click Accept.
  7. Now you’ll need to decide if you want to install this extension for just you, or all the user accounts on your computer. Click the appropriate button.

  8. Your newly added extension will be listed with any others you may have installed. That’s it!

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