How to install and setup Netbook Remix on the Eee PC

This tutorial will guide you through the steps required to install and setup Netbook Remix on your Eee PC. Netbook Remix is an alternate interface of the standard Ubuntu 8.04 desktop. It’s an interface that allows you to work more easily on a smaller screen devices (such as the Asus Eee PC).

netbook remix on the eee pc

  1. Yes, you will need to install Ubuntu on your Eee PC first.
  2. Once Ubuntu is installed, open a Terminal (select Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) and issue the following 3 commands, one at a time:

    chmod +x
    sudo ./

    After entering the last command (sudo ./ you’ll be prompted to enter your password. You’ll also be asked to confirm several of the installations by hitting the y key on your keyboard.

  3. ubuntu terminal
    click to enlarge

  4. If everything went fine (no errors), delete the bottom panel on your Ubuntu desktop. To do so, right-click it and select Delete This Panel.
  5. delete a panel in ubuntu

  6. Open your Appearance Preferences by selecting System -> Preferences -> Appearance. From the Theme tab, select Human-Netbook.
  7. ubuntu appearance preferences
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  8. Click the Visual Effects tab and select None. Exit out of the Appearance Preferences by clicking the Close button.
  9. ubuntu appearance preferences
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  10. Now we’ll add maximus to the startup programs by selecting System -> Preferences -> Sessions. Make sure the Startup Programs tab is selected, and click the Add button. In the Name: field enter maximus. In the Command: tab, enter /usr/bin/maximus. You can add an entry to the Comment: field (like “maximus for Netbook Remix”) but it’s not mandatory. Click OK and then Close to exit the Sessions Preferences.
  11. ubuntu startup programs
    click to enlarge

  12. The final step is to create a new “top” panel. Right-click on the existing one, and select New Panel. It will appear on the bottom of your desktop by default. Right-click the new one and select Add to Panel…. Add the following items to the panel: Go Home, Window Picker, Notification Area and Clock. You can add more items later, depending on your needs.

    Now click and drag your new panel from the bottom of the screen to the top. Right-click the “old” top panel and select Delete This Panel.

  13. You’re done. Close any open programs, and click Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart Gnome (the default desktop environment for Ubuntu). Log back in, and the Netbook Remix desktop will your new desktop interface.
  14. netbook remix desktop
    click to enlarge

  15. If you want to make things “blend” even more, go back to the Appearance Preferences and make your desktop background (wallpaper) solid black.
  16. netbook remix desktop with a black background
    click to enlarge

13 thoughts on “How to install and setup Netbook Remix on the Eee PC”

  1. Ieri acquistai netbook Asus e andai in centr TRE ad abbonarmi 300 ore a € 19
    mese, ho kiavetta Huawei E1692 e vorrei configurarla con 3, sul campo APN
    non riesco a scrivere, la kiavetta l’inviò Telecom, ke e come fare? S.O. Win 7

  2. I have a netbook Disgo netbrowser 3000 with windows CE 5
    Can I install ubuntuEEE on it?
    How do i select the boot device? USB-stick

  3. Great job on the tutorials! I have a Asus900a, I up graded the RAM from 1 to 2G and the SSD from 4g to 32G .Smooth sailing. Just havent gotten used to the mini keyboard.
    So using these well done tutorials I installed Ubuntu and it went without a hitch; Connectd to my wpa network; S
    Set up a nw printer (OK a little snag there, but just enough to keep me humble).
    Here is my current problem, installing the netbook remix desk top. I get to the 3rd step and it asks for my password, and the number keys don;t respond? None of he key do, unless I use the shift key and of course thts no good/ i also tried Fn +F11 the used the UOPJKLM keys and still nothing moves on the screen.
    What am I miissing here?

  4. Amigos como se puede agregar una nueva columna al explorador nautilus en OpenSuse o en Ubuntu 9.04 en vista de lista además de los doce que tiene.
    Algún truco o algo que se pueda modificar en LINUX.
    Perdonen pero en windo en la vista detalles hay mas de 25 para elegir la personalización de la vista de la carpeta.
    Disculpen-Perdonen que cite a windows de mocosoft.

  5. There’s also Easy Peasy (formerly UbuntuEee) which has an inrerface either similar to Ubuntu Netbook Remix or actually is Ubuntu Netbook Remix. has the EeePC for $170 brand new. It comes with the default Xandros OS so you should be able to install Easy Peasy on it.

  6. Nat, you need to tell people who might help you WAAAY more about yourself: are you a Virgo, do you come here often, what’s yer OS, are you connecting via cable (Ethernet) or wifi and if the latter, is it a wifi that needs a password?

    Further, you should look to an eee-specific site foe help (not that this isn’t a GREAT resource). I suggest as a terrific source of eee-specific help.

  7. Tried this on Ubunto 8.10, but it doesn’t seem to install correctly (errors in step 2). Anyone know how to implement this in Ubuntu 8.10?

  8. @ Gyffes –

    I think the problem w/ people having issues w/ Xandros is that they’re new to Linux, have used Windows most of their lives, and Xandros really isn’t the most intuitive of the Linux’s. Plus the Ubuntu community is (I’ve found) pretty darn patient w/ newbies, and have really top quality help and howto’s. The couple of folks I’ve spoken w/ who had Eee PCs w/ Xandros had similar complaints as the ppl who have left comments here. I showed them how to overcome those problems, and the typical answer was “well how was I supposed to know that??”. Again, I think it’s just a bit of a Windows mentality. The same thing happens to folks who switch to OS X. They keep trying to do things they “way they did them in Windows” and it takes a while to get the hang of the differences.

    Anyway, thrilled you like the site. I should give xubuntu a try on my Eee, but my mum has adopted the device as her own :)

  9. Well, I have to suggest that there’s something seriously wrong with your understanding of Linux/Xandros/the eee if you truly believe you can’t add new programs/WPA2.

    I have a 701 (until recently running Xandros in Advanced mode). It’s great. Xandros, actually, isn’t that bad, once you’re in advanced mode and have it tweaked to your liking. Mine connected successfully to my home WPA2-protected system and did so constantly, w/o needing the password to be reentered. The eeeuser forum is an incredible resource. Use it!

    I recently followed the eeeuser wiki’s directions to moving from Xandros to xubuntu and am quite pleased with the results, but, really, would’ve been fine staying in Xandros: I just like to tinker.

    Ross, I love your site, greatly appreciate your taking the time to crank out these How Tos for us. The netbook remix doesn’t appeal to me so much b/c I like a desktop devoid of icons (and panels!), but as an inveterate tinkerer, I may do the eeedora install you wrote about in Sept. Thanks!

  10. I have an eee 1000 and am changing over to Ubuntu. Fredrik’s statement that Xandros “sucks” is much too complimentary. I called support to discover why I could not add applications and was told that “Linux doesn’t like other programs.” Before my decision to convert to Ubuntu, I was ready to declare jihad on the s.o.b. (s) who decided to call Xandros a Linux distro.

  11. Wow, great! Really! I’m installing Ubuntu EEE OS on my EEE PC thanks to your great tutorial. The problem with eee pc is that it’s shipped whit xandros. Sorry all, but it sucks! It cant connect to a WPA2 encrypted network. And an other serious problem (whit the swedish version) is that you can’t install or uninstall applications. Xandros is working with it, but who have patience to wait? Not me! :)
    In a few minutes, i will install the Notbook remix. It clean, looks great and simple. And I’m a already fan of ubuntu! Thanks, sorry for the English. /Fredrik

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