How to display the lyrics of the iTunes song currently playing, on your OS X desktop

Using DesktopLyrics, you can display the lyrics of the song currently playing in iTunes, right on your OS X desktop.

os x desktop with song lyrics displayed

  1. In order for DesktopLyrics to work, you’ll need to have the lyrics added to each song (or at least the ones you want the lyrics displayed for) in iTunes. You can use GimmeSomeTune or harmonic to automate the process for you.
  2. Head over to the DesktopLyrics home page, scroll to the bottom and download the .dmg. Open it up, and drag the DesktopLyrics folder (or just the app) to your Applications folder. Launch it from there.
  3. The first time you open DesktopLyrics you’ll be taken to the Preferences page(s).

  4. On the Behaviour tab you can specify a number of the lyrics display settings, and set DesktopLyrics to start at login.
  5. The Position tab allows you to alter where the lyrics are displayed on your desktop (and on which screen). The default is the upper-left corner of your main screen.
  6. Finally, the Appearance tab allows you to.. you guessed it.. change the appearance (font, font color, font size etc) of the lyrics displayed on your desktop.
  7. And now the lyrics to your tracks will appear on your desktop.

  8. click to enlarge

  • Great app – and great guide!

    One Q though: Anyone know how to set a MINIMUM lyrics size? I can only find a maximum size-option, and 30-40% of my lyrics are pretty long which means that they become so small on the screen, that I cant read them.

    Solutions on how to solve that, anyone?

  • Thanks!
    I`m a switcher and was looking something to replace EvilLyrics