How to Add Lyrics to Songs in the macOS Music App

This step by step guide will show you how to automatically add lyrics to all of the songs in the macOS Music App.

Using the small and completely free app iFetchLyrics you can have the lyrics to all of the songs in your Music App automatically downloaded and added to each track.

iFetchLyrics version 2 requires macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later, although there are older versions (v1.x) for pre-Catalina users.

  1. Get started by downloading iFetchLyrics. Once the file has finished downloading, extract the app from the .zip file and drag it to your Applications folder to install it. Launch it from there.
  2. a Finder window displaying iFetchLyrics in the Applications Folder

  3. Since iFetchLyrics hasn’t been signed, you’ll need to open it again. Click OK on the warning screen.
  4. a macOS warning message regarding app signing

  5. Right-click (ctrl + click) the iFetchLyrics app and select Open
  6. the right-click context menu for a macOS App

  7. This time click OK on the warning screen.
  8. an arrow pointing to an OK button

  9. When iFetchLyrics asks permission to control click the OK button.
  10. the macOS permissions request panel

  11. If you want to add the lyrics to all of the songs in your library, select Music from the Fetch lyrics for all songs in playlist: menu. If you’ve already added lyrics to some of the songs in your library, place a check in the box labelled Ignore songs already having lyrics. Be sure to review all of the info in the Legal Info section. Finally, click the Fetch Lyrics… button.
  12. the iFetchLyrics setup screen with options for music lyrics in macOS Music App

  13. It might take iFetchLyrics a few moments to start – give it time.
  14. iFetchlyrics starting up

  15. The process of adding lyrics to all of the songs in your library will probably take a while. You may want to grab a cup of tea or coffee – but you can certainly continue to use your Mac while it runs.
  16. iFetchLyrics grabbing music lyrics for tracks in the Music app macOS

  17. Once it’s done, click the Finish button.
  18. Open if it isn’t already, right-click (ctrl + click) a random track and select Get Info from the menu. Choose the Lyrics tab and… ta-da! The lyrics should now be added to the track info.
  19. the Music App lyrics panel displaying song info in macOS

  20. Now that you’ve added lyrics to the macOS Music app, perhaps you’d like to display them on your Desktop.

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