How to Run Unsigned Applications on Your Nokia N95

UPS finally delivered my new Nokia N95 8GB yesterday. In anticipation of its arrival, I had spent the past week researching all the cool things one can do with these phones. It seems like the powers that be don’t want you installing software on your N95 unless its been signed. Unfortunately becoming an accredited Symbian Developer involves more hassle and expense than it’s worth for the average Joe who just wants to try coding cool applications for Symbian based phones. Luckily I have found a way to install unsigned applications on my N95. The following tutorial will guide you through doing just that.

  1. Download this zip file and extract the contents somewhere on your hard drive. Remember the location.
  2. Link your computer to your phone with a USB data cable.
  3. Browse to your phones mass storage and create a temporary folder. I named mine ‘temp’.
  4. Copy the files from into the temp folder.
  5. Once the files are successfully copied, you can disconnect your phone from the computer. Make sure and disconnect your device properly, don’t just unplug the cable. Consult the documentation for your operating system to find out how to properly disconnect and remove a USB mass storage device without data loss.
  6. Browse to the temp folder you created on your phone’s mass storage by selecting Menu -> Tools -> File Manager. Note that the File Manager defaults to browsing the phones internal memory. Click the Right toggle to move to the mass storage.
  7. Scroll down to the temp folder and select it.
  8. Once in the temp folder, scroll to Y_Browser_3rdEd_088_3.SIS and select it.
  9. You will be asked if you want to install Y-Browser. Select Yes.
  10. At the next screen select Continue.
  11. The next screen prompts you to install optional language files. By default all languages are selected. I scrolled through the list and deselected all except for English. Then select OK.
  12. Next you are prompted to select whether you want to install Y-Browser to the Phone Memory or to the Mass Memory. I chose Phone Memory.
  13. The next screen tells you what parts of the phone the application will access. Select Continue.
  14. That’s it for Y-Browser.
  15. Now install HelloCarbide the same was as you did for Y-Browser.
  16. Select Menu -> -> Y-Browser, then select OK.
  17. Now Y-Browser is running.
  18. Don’t do anything with Y-Browser just yet. Instead, press and hold the Menu key to pop up the Task Manager. Make sure Standby is highlighted and press Select.
  19. Now press Menu -> Applications -> HelloCarbide
  20. Press Options -> Menu 1
  21. It should say Done…probably. Select Yes and HelloCarbide will exit.
  22. Now run Y-Browser by selecting Menu -> -> Y-Browser as you did before.
  23. Now we need to copy installer.exe and CProfDriver_SISX.ldd from the temp folder on our Mass Memory to C:\SYS\BIN (create that folder if needed). Select E: and press the center toggle button.
  24. Scroll to the temp folder and press the center toggle again.
  25. Highlight CProfDriver_SISX.ldd and press Options -> Edit -> Copy.
  26. Highlight installserver.eve, and press Options -> Edit -> Copy. You will be prompted to append the second file to the copy list. Select Yes.
  27. Press the left toggle until you get back to the list of drives, then go into C:\SYS\BIN by toggling up or down and selecting with the center button.
  28. Now select Options -> Edit -> Paste. When prompted whether you want to paste two files in this folder, select Yes.
  29. Now exit Y-Browser. Select Options -> Exit.
  30. Important: You must restart your phone before these changes will take affect!

  31. After restarting your phone, select Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Applications -> App. Manager. Make sure Software Installation is set to All and Online Certificate Check is set to Off.
  32. Enjoy installing unsigned applications!

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16 thoughts on “How to Run Unsigned Applications on Your Nokia N95”

  1. It worked! Thanks!
    If you have problems with the installation you can change the telephone date, I used 10/10/2008 and didn’t have problems.
    Se vc tiver problemas troque a data do telefone ao dez de outubro de 2008

  2. do not install on the memory card or you will not get the C:\SYS\BIN\, it has to be on the phone memory

  3. I have been using N95 8GB for more than half a year now and I am lovin it!!! Thats a good tutorial to install unsigned applications. Never tried before though as I always sign all the applications manually before I install.

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