How to run unsigned applications on your Nokia N95

UPS finally delivered my new Nokia N95 8GB yesterday. In anticipation of its arrival, I had spent the past week researching all the cool things one can do with these phones. It seems like the powers that be don’t want you installing software on your N95 unless its been signed. Unfortunately becoming an accredited Symbian Developer involves more hassle and expense than it’s worth for the average Joe who just wants to try coding cool applications for Symbian based phones. Luckily I have found a way to install unsigned applications on my N95. The following tutorial will guide you through doing just that.

  1. Download this zip file and extract the contents somewhere on your hard drive. Remember the location. Note: I used Virus Total to scan every file in the zip to make sure they’re all virus free.
  2. Link your computer to your phone with a USB data cable.
  3. Browse to your phones mass storage and create a temporary folder. I named mine ‘temp’.
  4. Copy the four files from into the temp folder.
  5. Once the files are successfully copied, you can disconnect your phone from the computer. Make sure and disconnect your device properly, don’t just unplug the cable. Consult the documentation for your operating system to find out how to properly disconnect and remove a USB mass storage device without data loss.
  6. Browse to the temp folder you created on your phone’s mass storage by selecting Menu -> Tools -> File Manager. Note that the File Manager defaults to browsing the phones internal memory. Click the Right toggle to move to the mass storage.
  7. Scroll down to the temp folder and select it.
  8. Once in the temp folder, scroll to Y_Browser_3rdEd_088_3.SIS and select it.
  9. You will be asked if you want to install Y-Browser. Select Yes.
  10. At the next screen select Continue.
  11. The next screen prompts you to install optional language files. By default all languages are selected. I scrolled through the list and deselected all except for English. Then select OK.
  12. Next you are prompted to select whether you want to install Y-Browser to the Phone Memory or to the Mass Memory. I chose Phone Memory.
  13. The next screen tells you what parts of the phone the application will access. Select Continue.
  14. That’s it for Y-Browser.
  15. Now install HelloCarbide the same was as you did for Y-Browser.
  16. Select Menu -> -> Y-Browser, then select OK.
  17. Now Y-Browser is running.
  18. Don’t do anything with Y-Browser just yet. Instead, press and hold the Menu key to pop up the Task Manager. Make sure Standby is highlighted and press Select.
  19. Now press Menu -> Applications -> HelloCarbide
  20. Press Options -> Menu 1
  21. It should say Done…probably. Select Yes and HelloCarbide will exit.
  22. Now run Y-Browser by selecting Menu -> -> Y-Browser as you did before.
  23. Now we need to copy installer.exe and CProfDriver_SISX.ldd from the temp folder on our Mass Memory to C:\SYS\BIN. Select E: and press the center toggle button.
  24. Scroll to the temp folder and press the center toggle again.
  25. Highlight CProfDriver_SISX.ldd and press Options -> Edit -> Copy.
  26. Highlight installserver.eve, and press Options -> Edit -> Copy. You will be prompted to append the second file to the copy list. Select Yes.
  27. Press the left toggle until you get back to the list of drives, then go into C:\SYS\BIN by toggling up or down and selecting with the center button.
  28. Now select Options -> Edit -> Paste. When prompted whether you want to paste two files in this folder, select Yes.
  29. Now exit Y-Browser. Select Options -> Exit.
  30. Important: You must restart your phone before these changes will take affect!

  31. After restarting your phone, select Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Applications -> App. Manager. Make sure Software Installation is set to All and Online Certificate Check is set to Off.
  32. Enjoy installing unsigned applications!

  • I have been using N95 8GB for more than half a year now and I am lovin it!!! Thats a good tutorial to install unsigned applications. Never tried before though as I always sign all the applications manually before I install.

  • Kip HT

    Sweet Jesus! It works!

    You’re a life saver man!

  • emc

    He is life saver and superman and admirable guy

  • AXl

    Works this also with newest firmware for Nokia N95 8GB Firmware 30.xx?

  • ender

    I LOVE YOU !

    Das gibts nicht :D

    fuktioniert alles !

    Sogar mit der neusten version :D

  • Flo

    Echt super Anleitung! War zwar skeptisch aber hat mit meinem n95 8gb einwandfrei und gleich beim ersten Versuch funktioniert! DANKE! just a real superman! THX!

  • On the section 23. All I have in the C:\ is cache, cities, Data, Predic, RESOURCE, space, system, video_config, and thats it. C:\SYS is not showing.

  • Zauberer

    Thank You Very Much!!! It works like a charm!!! :D

  • Cryonic Devil

    Yesss we have a runner! Thanks man!

  • David

    Deleted. Bought Co-Pilot 7. Sweet!!

  • emc

    I believe I made a mistake to my E61 and now every .sis application I tried install saying “file corrupted”

    How do I correct or to go back to before I install this?

    Thank you

  • Dedo


    You are Great ….. It works like a charm !! THANK YOU !!!

  • Jazzlovey

    I am facing the same problem as “edmond”(above #11). Can somebody help?

  • Endlich mal eine BEschreibung die logisch nachvollziehbar ist !!!!
    SUPER !!!! Vielen Dank du hast mir sehr geholfen !

  • emc


    NO help, I have re-formatted the E61.
    The only solution.

  • Jazzlovey

    Thank you emc. I guess I have to resort to re-formatting too.

  • Jazzlovey

    For all those non-N95 users, I believe Joel Thomas’ advice (Thread #1) is a better alternative. Albeit time consuming but it always works. Thanks anyways you guys!

  • highroller

    I am not seeing the directory C:\SYS\BIN\ How can i move forward with pasting the files?

  • Lulu

    :D pfffff Un vrai régal ce tuto simple et efficasse!!!!

    Un grand MERKI

  • SLiK

    All was well until it came to the hello carbide app. When it said to look for hello carbide in the applications, hellocarbide was not there, so i installed it. then it was there. But when i continued in the tutorial from there, when i try to go into file manager or settings it doesn’t let me. This is very frustrating can anyone help? It doesn’t let me access y browser through DrJukka either.

  • SLiK

    never mind, i got it to work. I just had to redo all the steps. But now i cant find a tutorial that shows me where to install this stuff.

  • Julien


    Impossible de trouver le fichier SYS\BIN\, je possede un N95, mais ce n’est pas un 8go, une solution existe t elle.

    Merci par avance

  • Tony

    Ma funziona solo per l’ n95 8gb o anche per l’ n95-1?

  • rembe50

    Me parece muy bueno este tutorial, asi tendrian que ser totos los tutoriales.
    Gracias y muchas gracias, ya que ahora si puedo ejecutar aplicaciones sin el molesto FIRMAR en el Nokia N95.

  • Eamon

    Hi….I followed all the steps but I could not proceeed any further at the step where we are to copy the files to c:\sys\bin….It does noit exist. I have a Nokia N95 8GB. Can you please let me know how to proceed? Thanks

  • Hektor

    Ups ill try it in english

    Can i also use the trick on an Nokia 6220

    greetz Hektor…

  • spark

    ive don it but still not working :(

  • spark

    ive spend a hole day trying to instal such things and i cant :(

  • spark

    ok now i tried it again and its ok :) love you man

  • Pearl

    Amazing.Its working fine…Thx a lot for a solution to unsigned application installations…

  • Hektor

    Damn i dont have a Folder “C:\SYS\BIN” on an Nokia 6220 =(
    What can i do?

  • David

    hola, lo he intentado pero al iniciar la instalación me pone error de certificado. Que puedo hacer?

  • alex

    great. installed nokia maps and handy weather. cheers mate ow u a beer:)

  • dickerHH1969

    EINFACH EINFACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EINFACH SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!DANKE

  • greko

    In my phone’s C:\ is cache, cities, Data, Predic, RESOURCE, space, system, video_config, and thats it. C:\SYS is not showing
    What shall i do with the files?

  • It Does not work on the latest firmware… damn.

  • Rishi


    the directions were amazing….

    thanks a lot and ur a life saver…

    excellent work…

  • tiago

    vlw kra , me ajudou bastante,agora estou finalmente podendo instalar alguma
    coisa no meu n95

  • Madhu

    V 31.0.017, 16-12-08, RM-159 , Nokia N95 (13.01), thats my N95 Frimware version any chance of applying this method.

  • gilberto

    hola ke tal mira al instalar el Y- browser al principio me dice ke el certificado ha caducado

  • jonathas

    tentei instalar esse aplicativo e diz no meu celular que esse sertificado está expirado o que eu faço agora?

  • leonora

    Anyone else getting certificate expired when trying to install y-browser ?
    I am running software
    On my another N958GB version it all works fine
    Any help?

  • JM

    Download latest y-browser. (

    Replace old y-browser and follow steps, I just did and works fine.

    Take it easy,

  • allan

    seguir estos pasos me sirven para n95 8g v 1.2.011 28-01-08 rm-421 nokia n95(25.3) sera que tengo que actulaizar el firmware orimero antes de hacer estos pasos?

  • hola

    me dice que esta caducado

  • spale

    I also install files on Nokia E61 and now every .sis application i tried install saying “file corrupted”

    How do I correct or to go back to before I install this?

    Please help!


  • r-one35

    ça ne marche pas ça me met “certificat expiré” c’est la merde je ne sais plus quoi faire. rien ne marche je ne peu installer aucune application même pas pypiwo, c’est la loose totale…

  • emc

    Hi All, Just have a Nokia E71 with latest fireware. May I kjnow if the above can also apply to this E71? I done it with my E66 (older firmware) it works like a charm.

    Thank you.

  • muddassar

    hi all!!!!!!
    m having problem:
    when i install hellocarbide and open it
    it opens but when i select menu1 it auto closes and does nothing else…….plz help
    i have n95 with latest firm ware

  • joice

    tu certificado esta caducooooo no se puede hacer nada desde el paso numero 9
    hay alguna manera de solucionarlo ?

  • fernando

    hola!que tengo q hacer cuando me indica q caduco el certificado??no puedo instalarlo , por favor si alguien me puede dar una mano , gracias!

  • jesusbx

    mi cel es un fenomeno o yo lo soy….mmmm… encuentro la carpeta sys y por logica menos la bin

  • taffy

    do not install on the memory card or you will not get the C:\SYS\BIN\, it has to be on the phone memory

  • fernando

    hola , el certificado caducado se soluciona atrasando la fecha en el telefono , por lo menos eso me ayudo a mi, ahora mi problema es q no encuentro la manera de ir a c:/sys/bin , esa parte del tutorial no la entiendo ni en ingles ni en castellano, alguna ayuda por favor!gracias!

  • koala

    On the section 23. All I have in the C:\ is cache, cities, Data, Predic, RESOURCE, space, system, video_config, and thats it. C:\SYS is not showing. same problem !!!

  • Hey guys –

    If C:\sys\bin\ doesn’t exist, create it.

  • Does not work with latest firmware, unfortunately. When I press “Menu 1” it closes, the “Done…probably” dialog does not appear. =(
    Will continue searching for a solution. Thanks anyway.

  • Phatty

    it works people you just have to be a little more persistence…

    Q. wont run applications anymore!
    A. restart the phone once or twice, if you still have problems recopy the 2 files back into c:/sys/bin

    Q. cant find C:/sys/bin
    A. you need to run the application HelloCarbite and click “options” then “menu1” then “yes” then go back to ybrowser it should be there. if you had it open at destination C: already you will need to re-fresh the folders do this in “options” “extras”

    hope that helps

  • Kip HT

    Hello again. The instruction’s don’t work anymore. Firstly Y-Browser doesn’t work anymore, so I got the new version, HelloCarbide doesn’t work any more. When you open it and click Menu1 it just closes straight away.


    I’m really regretting upgrading the firmware now

  • i tried to install the first file (Y_Browser_3rdEd_088_3.SIS) and it said “Expired certificate”. What should I do then?


  • Fex

    Excellent , more than words , simply excellent

  • gabriel

    ola eu tenho um nokia n 95 8 gb com a versao 30.0.018 e eu apaguei a pasta SYS do meu cel como q eu faço para hackear meu cel??

  • darcilio

    Muito bom o tutorial. estão de parabéns. Tudo bem explicado e funcionou 100%. flw. é isso aew.

  • How can I Crack my nokia 5320expressmusic…i can’t see the sys folder on drive C….but if i open it with Pc Suite it Shows…please help me….

  • jean

    caro amigo estou ficando maluco tentando instalar aplicativos no n95 e vive dando certificado expirado, tentei com sua explicação mas o Y_Browser_3rdEd_088_3.SIS tbm da certificado expirado o que devo fazer, agurdo contato, desde já agradeço

  • Thomas

    please someone help me,, this path is not in my phone C:\SYS\BIN i have a nokia n95,


  • Alex Satini

    Qdo fui tentar instalar falou q o Certificado Expirou… e aí? O q faço? Nem saí da 1ª etapa?!?!?

  • It worked! Thanks!
    If you have problems with the installation you can change the telephone date, I used 10/10/2008 and didn’t have problems.
    Se vc tiver problemas troque a data do telefone ao dez de outubro de 2008


    tutto bene inizialmente poi una volta chiuso il programma dopo quando vado per aprirlo di nuovo non dà segni di vita e mi fa questo problema anche su altre applicazioni installate sul cell… sai dirmi qualcosa?

  • Thomas

    Do this work with
    NOKIA N95 V31.0.017
    16-12-08 Rm-159

    i need to hack my phone please help me someone im going to go mad if i dont get this done.. its doing my head in..

    please help me

  • pamela

    hola yo llegue hasta el paso de instalar el Y-browser y me sale certificado caducado!! porfavor que hago no puedo instalar nadaaaaa me muero

  • No me da la opción de continuar debido a que el certificado ha caducado según el mensaje que emite el teléfono…qué puedo hacer? intenté cambiando la fecha/año

  • me figura un mensaje de certificado caducado al intentar instalar…qué puedo hacer?

  • Cris

    Ciao, avrei un prob, il file Y_Browser_3rdEd_088_3.SIS all inizio dell istallazione mi dice ke e scaduto qlc mi sa dare una dritta sul da fatr pf?

  • sherif

    i tried to install the first file (Y_Browser_3rdEd_088_3.SIS) and it said “Expired certificate”. What should I do then?

  • emc

    Sherif, I have a solution to you but it is 95% not work. Howeverm give it a try.

    Before you hit install, set the mobile date to year 2008 (month may be January). No need reset mobile. Then, intall.

    If it is not work, try to set Year to 2007, month January. , and try install again.

    As said, no guarantee would solve the problem you have but this is just reuire a small work so give it a try.


  • marcio

    boas, a mim mi diz que o certificado do ibrowser está caducado. nao sei o ki fazê….uma AJUDA por favô!

  • AEMP

    al tratar de instalar el Y_Browser_3rdEd_088_3.SIS me dice que el certificado esta caducado y no me deja continuar. gracias


    thanksssssssss………………………….UR GR8

  • Hey Fernando. Solo tienes que cambiar el fecha de cel ejemplo 2009 a 2007 tienes que ver cuando termina el certificado que año I hope my Spanish is good Good luck just change the year of your phone under setting >general> date. tu vas necesitar esta programa para ver cuando fini el certi Symbian 9 SIS files editor (extsis)

  • Williann

    cara Obrigado !!
    Funcionou Perfeitamente no meu N95 -1
    Naum aguentava mais esse erro
    valleu !!!

  • Flavio

    Esto funciona para el N95 – 3

  • gabriel

    yo no puedo encontrar la carpeta sis/bin esta muy bueno el tuto lastima eso si me podes ayudar te agradeceria mucho por tu tiempo


  • delgotto

    reset phone date to 8/ 29/ 08 to install hellocarbride and reset again to 4 /30 /08 for y browser

  • no tengo la carpeta sys ni bin y no puedo crearlas q hago…

  • jeffr

    pls pardon me for my ignorance, just installed the helloOx for n95 8gb, works fine, but i don’t know how to install applications… tried installing applications from ovi store, still asking me to activate it… pls help me… thanks

  • carlos manholer

    Ola quando tento instalar aparece certificao expirou como resolvo isso valeu

  • Mau

    Como Faço?
    V 32.2.001
    RM – 421

  • GP

    Che, me quede en el paso 11 me cie q esta caducado cuando quiero instalar el 1º archivo

  • haisum

    its not working on nokia n95 8gb

  • arky

    we have the same problem C:sys\bin does not exist!!

  • chandirika

    Hi,Nice post,I am using Nokia mobile,one more suggestion use this site’s code for any mobile unlock ,it provide the best solution for all model mobiles.I used this


    Boa tarde! graças a esse site eu consegui hackear meu n95-3 nam rm-160 da claro, mas tem um detalhe alterei a data do cel para 01/02/2009 muito bom a explicação, indico a todos. vlw

  • franc

    merci pour ce truc seul probleme jai un blocus quand je veux ouvrir le fichier y browser je trouve le mot cedrtificat expîre pouver voius m aider meme en decalant la date en 2008 cest le meme probleme qui se pose

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  • adnan8085

    thanks good idea..
    but therr is asmall important point which you didnt say to make the the path
    sys\bin visible ..other side..i have advice with latest update that your way will not work
    any way with it..
    if you have an ansewer please give it
    thanks again

  • fahad

    When I press “Menu 1″ it closes, the “Done…probably” dialog does not appear. =(
    plz help me..