How to install applications on your Nokia N95 via Bluetooth

This tutorial will guide you through installing applications on your N95, after first downloading the installation files to your PC and transferring them to your phone via Bluetooth. Installing applications by downloading them directly to your phone over the air is so trivially easy, it’s almost automatic.

Please note: I am using Linux, Fedora 9 to be precise, but most of these instructions apply equally to Windows and Mac users.

I’m using an old Compaq Presario C500 series laptop and a USB D-Link Bluetooth dongle, model DBT-122. This Bluetooth dongle has worked for me without any configuration at all since Fedora 6, so if you’re looking for a USB Bluetooth adapter, I recommend it. dmesg shows it as being manufactured by Broadcom Corp.

I’m going to use an application called mConnection in this example. mConnection is an application that shows the amount of network traffic used and your current network speed in real time. I use it while connected to the wireless access point at the local coffee shop to make sure I’m still connected. The latest version at the time of writing is 0.05b and can be found at

  1. Download mConnection and save it in a folder on you hard drive.
  2. Next, plug in the Bluetooth dongle (unless your computer has built-in Bluetooth, in which case make sure Bluetooth is turned on) and note the extra icon present on the Taskbar.
  3. Right-click on the Bluetooth icon, then click Send File… A window pops up asking you to choose which file you would like to send. Navigate to the mConnection(005).sis installation file that you downloaded earlier, select it, and click Open.

  4. click to enlarge

  5. Select your N95 from the list of available devices and click Connect.
  6. A window pops up showing the status of the file transfer.
  7. Now the incoming message tone plays on the phone and the screen shows 1 new message.
  8. Click Show to go to your Inbox.
  9. Select the message containing the mConnection installation file and open it. You will automatically be prompted to install mConnection. Choose Yes.
  10. Click Continue at the Details prompt.
  11. Next, you are prompted to choose your language. I chose English (UK).
  12. Choose whether you want the application installed in your Phone Memory or Mass Storage memory. I chose Mass Storage.
  13. At the Application Access prompt, choose Continue.
  14. Now that the application is installed, connect to a network, then press Menu -> Applications -> mConnection.
  15. If you press the Back button, the main mConnection screen will disappear but the little popup window showing your current network traffic and download speed will always stay on top.
  16. One thing I don’t like about this application is the fact that it doesn’t show up in the task manager. If you want to close the application you have to press Menu -> Applications -> mConnection, then choose Options -> Exit.

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  3. Bonsoir
    je veux avois des information sur ces detail donner parceque j’ai pas compris . merci de me donner les infos neccessaire .

  4. Is this written story about the N95 also possible with another cellphone (Nokia 3310 classic)? Sorry in het Nederlands verder, weet jij toevallig een (ander) programma welke kan communiseren met mijn PC/gsm? Nokia’s PC Suite voor Windows and Mac, maar niet voor Linux (omdat het opensource is en de geproduceerde software geen geld oplevert). Nokia-gebruikers worden gediscrimmineerd, omdat zij verplicht een Windows of Mac-besturingssysteem moeten gebruiken!

  5. nokia n95 (57.01) made in ferlande

    instalation de stocage .
    il ne veux pas conecter avec internet ou l ordenateure

  6. boa tarde, gostaria de saber cmo faço para usar meu fone via blueooth???
    pois não sei cmo faço.
    ja carreguei ele mais não ta funcionando???

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