How to turn your N95 into a wireless access point

This tutorial will guide you through turning your Nokia N95 into a WiFi (wireless) access point. No more tethering via USB or Bluetooth. Using JoikuSpot Light, a totally free utility that works well as long as you only need to use HTTP and HTTPS protocols, you’ll be up and surfing in no time. You’ll have to go with JoikuSpot Premium if you need POP3, SMTP, etc.

Warning: You probably only want to do this if you have a decent data plan. Using 3G data can result in a very large bill, particularly if you live in Canada.

  1. You’ll have to use your computer to visit the JoikuSpot Light product page, where you will select your phone model, then click Download. Save the JoikuSpot Light installation file to a directory on your hard drive, then install it on your phone. See my recent tutorials on installing software on your N95 via USB or installing software on your N95 via Bluetooth.
  2. For your convenience I have included a Mobile Code below. You may find you have limited success in using your mobile browser to download JoikuSpot Light due to the web site layout.
  3. Now that you have JoikuSpot Light installed, you can find it by selecting Menu -> Applications > JoikuSpot.
  4. Next you are prompted to allow sharing your internet connection with other devices.
  5. Select No. We want to change some settings first. You will end up at the JoikuSpot main screen.
  6. In the default configuration, JoikuSpot does not use any sort of encryption. You will want to change this. Select Options -> Settings.
  7. This is where we can make changes to things like the Network Name, the default Access Point to use, and the Encryption options. Scroll down to Encryption and select Options -> Change.

  9. Unfortunately WPA is not an option. You can only choose WEP Open or WEP Shared. At least WEP is marginally better than no encryption at all and will stop others from connecting to your network accidentally.
  10. Lets try WEP Open.

  11. Now scroll down and set the encryption key type, the length, and the key itself. In this example I chose to use a 128 bit ASCII key.
  12. Notice that a random key was generated automatically. Lets change this to something easier to remember. Scroll down to Encryption Key and select Options -> Change. In this example I changed the key to NokiaN95Rocks.

  14. Now select Back to go back to the main JoikuSpot screen, then choose Options -> Start to start sharing.
  15. You will be prompted to allow sharing your internet connection. Select Yes.
  16. Now select your 3G access point.
  17. JoikuSpot starts and your N95 is now acting as a WiFi Access Point.

  19. Press the Right toggle to see the status of the connection. Scroll down one page to see the Encryption Key being used. This is the key that you will enter on your computer when you connect to your phones shared connection.

  21. Now set the phone down and go over to the computer. On the computer, select Connect To A Network and you should see your JoikuSpot access point listed. You may have to click the refresh button.

  22. click to enlarge

  23. Select your JoikuSpot access point and click Connect. You will be prompted to enter the same encryption key as you entered on your phone.

  24. click to enlarge

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  25. Assuming you entered the key correctly, you should successfully connect. In this example I chose to save this network connection for future use.

  26. click to enlarge

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  27. You should now notice that the Network Connection icon in your system tray indicates Local Access Only.
  28. Not to worry. Open up a browser, preferably Firefox, and you will see an advertisement for JoikuSpot Premium.

  29. click to enlarge

  30. You can safely ignore this advertisement and just click the Home icon in Firefox. You are now on the Internet.

  31. click to enlarge

  32. It may take a little while for Windows to notice that your wireless connection has changed from Local Only to Local and Internet.
  33. If you look at the screen on your N95, you should see your computer listed on the Clients tab in JoikuSpot.
  34. Enjoy surfing, but don’t forget to shut down JoikuSpot when you’re finished. Select Options -> Stop.

  36. JoikuSpot is no longer sharing your 3G internet.

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10 thoughts on “How to turn your N95 into a wireless access point”

  1. Thanks, just installed on an old Nokia e51 that I will be using as a tethered wireless broadband modem for my laptop as it seems to to give a better connection than my newer dongles. Now, thanks to this tute I can also go wireless and get my ipod touch on the internet. Oh joy, I can use itunes less.

    Thanks heaps, for the clear guide, I needed it.

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  3. Hi everyone i am from bolivia my english its no so good for give me, ok i do everything but when i star firefox open the joikuspot page when i want search another page, my laptop dont find eny page its say Connetion Solved or something like that
    I wait ur answer and So Much Thx!!..

  4. thanks dude – that works great……. my laptop is now on the net via my N95…… only thing tho, the free software version no longer allows any encryption at all, so my network is unsecured……

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  8. hola amigo e seguido todos los pasos k explicas en le instalacion del joikuspot y no e conseguido hacerlo funcionar,me preguntava si tu podrias decirme si hace falta hacer algo mas .mi portatil es un hp pavilion y mi mobil el n95 8G.en el portatil me sale k estoy conectado y k es exelente,sin embargo le doy a navegar y me sale la pag de no poder mostrar por falta de conexion.
    ademas explicas k en el apartado del programita joiku… en estado tendria k aparecer mi portatil,sie embargo no aparece.estoy un pokillo perdido.
    mi conexion con internet mobil es exelente.hay k hacer un tipo de configuracion al portatil?espero tu repuesta.,gracias.saludos

  9. Bonjour,
    Tut d’abord, meri pour ce logiciel. Voila, je l’ai charge et effecté les reglages comme indiquer. Mon PC reconnait bien mon N95 et me précise que je suis connecté mais, lorsque je sélectionne l’icone internet explorer il m’est préciser quela apge web est intouvable.
    Merci par avance pour votre aide.
    pour info, ma connection G est vodafine live
    Trés cordialement


  10. Hey, i just downloaded putty for my n95 (not 8G version) and im trying to connected to my university wifi, but i never go through the “connect to server” part and didn’t even ask for user name and password. i can use putty on my laptop to connect to the university wifi. do you know anything that might be wrong with this?

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