How to monitor data usage in real time on the Nokia N95

mConnection is a handy little utility that displays a small window showing your data traffic usage and speed in real time. It stays on top of other windows so you always have this information available at a glance. This can be very useful for N95 users who are on a limited data plan.

Please note: This guide was initially published back in 2008 and some of the software it references no longer exists. As such, we have asked Google to remove this from their search database, however the document will remain online for archival sake.

  1. Download mConnection (Update: link no longer valid)
  2. Now that you have mConnection installed, you can find it by selecting Menu -> Applications -> mConnection.
  3. Nothing very interesting so far because mConnection only shows its window when there’s an active data connection. Press Back a couple times and go to your Applications menu and start up the web browser. Notice in the small window at the top of the following screenshot that simply opening the Google home page has generated a bit of network traffic.
  4. Now let’s do a search. Keep watching the mConnection window.

  6. When Google detects that you are using a mobile phone browser, they default to mobile friendly web pages. If you scroll to the bottom of the page and click the HTML link you will be directed to the full web page. Notice the data usage climbing and the speed fluctuating as the page loads.

  8. One thing I don’t like about mConnection is that it doesn’t show up in the task list. To get back to the main mConnection window, you have to press and hold the Menu key, then choose Standby.
  9. Then select Menu -> Applications -> mConnection.
  10. Now you’re back at the mConnection main screen and you can see which access point you are connected to, as well as the data usage stats for that connection. Right now you can see that I’m using the WiFi internet at Serious Coffee.
  11. Perhaps you don’t like the placement or colors of the mConnection pop up window? That’s easy to change. Press Options -> Settings.
  12. Highlight Window Settings and press Select. Note: you actually have to press Select, not the Center toggle.
  13. Here we can change the Window Left Position, Window Top Position, Window Width, Window Height, and the Font.
  14. You can see that my mConnection window is 100 pixels from the left and 3 pixels from the top. Knowing that the screen of the Nokia N95 is 240 pixels across the top and 320 pixels down the side, we can move the mConnection window to the bottom left by changing Window Left Position to 10 and Window Top Position to 300.

  16. See how the mConnection window moved bottom left corner? I actually prefer mine in the top left corner, so I moved it to 10 pixels from the left and 3 pixels from the top. You can also change the window colors and font. Highlight Color Settings and press Select. Note: you actually have to press Select, not the Center toggle.

  18. In this example I changed the Window Red and the Window Blue to 120. Color settings in mConnection are chosen according to their RGB values, or the amount of Red, Green, and Blue that you want in that particular color.

  20. Next I changed both Text Red and Text Blue to 255. Text Green was already at 255. See how the text is now white on an ugly purple background?

  22. Ok, enough of the ugly colors. I’ve gone back to the default colors for the remainder of this tutorial.
  23. mConnection will monitor multiple data connections at once. Next I opened Opera Mini and allowed it to use my 3G data connection.
  24. I selected the BBC web site from the Opera Bookmarks. Notice the data counters mConnection window.
  25. Now press and hold the Menu button and select Standby.
  26. Now select Menu -> Applications -> mConnection. You can see both of my active data connections being monitored.
  27. To close mConnection, press Options -> Exit.

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