Installing and using Google Maps for Mobile on the Nokia N95

Considering how the N95 has a built-in GPS and the current version of Google Maps for Mobile supports it, I decided to give it a try. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the main Google Maps site. Google Maps for Mobile is an application written specifically to run on smartphones.

Please note: This guide was initially published back in 2008 and some of the software it references may have changed since then.

  1. Visit using the browser on your phone and select the Install Now link. I have included a Mobile Code below for your convenience.
  2. Apparently the download is supposed to start automatically, but it didn’t for me. Instead I had to click on the direct link.
  3. Choose OK to download.

  5. Then choose Yes to install.
  6. Choose Continue at the details screen.
  7. Decide whether you would like to install Google Maps for Mobile to your Phone Memory or the Mass Memory.
  8. At the Application Access screen select Continue.
  9. You will have to accept the Terms and Conditions for Google Maps for Mobile.
  10. Select OK when you see the disclaimer about not using Google Maps for Mobile while you are driving.
  11. Seeing how Google Maps for Mobile is a network based applications, you will need to choose which network access point to use. I chose my local WiFi access point. If you decide to use your mobile phone providers 3G access point, make sure you have a decent data plan, otherwise you could end up with a pretty hefty bill at the end of your billing cycle.
  12. Now you are at the main map. The map shows your current approximate location based on how many GPS satellites are visible. Location information will get better as your device sees more satellites. The initial GPS fix will likely take a while. Make sure you are outside and have an unobstructed view of the sky for better results.
  13. The Map View is the default. Choose Options -> Satellite View to switch to an aerial photo of the area. Choose Options -> Map View to go back. You can toggle between the two views with 2 key. You can also pan around the map with the up, down, left, and right toggle buttons.

  15. One neat feature of the current Google Maps for Mobile is My Location. At any time, press 0 to be shown exactly where you are on the map. The size of the blue shaded circle corresponds to the accuracy of the current GPS fix.
  16. Now let’s navigate somewhere. Choose Options -> Directions
  17. The default starting point is your current location. Select Choose End Point to select your destination.
  18. I chose Enter An Address, then entered 919 Douglas.

  20. Next, select Show Directions. Google Maps found a few locations matching the address I entered. It appears to be pretty smart though as the default option I was given was the location closest to me, which I selected.

  22. The Driving Directions Summary appeared next. You can scroll up and down to read the text based directions.
  23. Press # to see a map with the driving directions superimposed. Press 6 to step forward along the route, press 4 to step backwards. You can also press 3 to zoom in and 1 to zoom back out. Here are the steps.

  25. Now let’s try searching for a place by name. Select Options -> Search. I chose to search for Christie’s Pub.
  26. Another hit for Google Maps. It found the location I was looking for immediately. Choose Directions to here.
  27. Now select Show Directions.
  28. You are presented with a similar summary as above. Press # to see the directions superimposed on the map. Step through the directions by pressing 6 to move forward and 4 to move back.

  30. Now that you’ve made it to Christie’s, feel free to wander in and offer to buy me a cold beverage if I happen to be around :)

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