How to Install Custom Icons and Cursors in Windows XP

Now that you know how to apply custom themes to Windows XP, perhaps you want to take it a step further and install custom icons and cursors. This tutorial will guide you through doing just that.

Please note: Even though this guide was initially published back in 2008, the software actually still exists today in 2021 – and works.

Sometimes, you just feel like having a new look to some things. That what the Tango Patcher is for. It replaces most of Windows default icons with the Tango styled icons. It says it should work on Windows XP and Vista. Installation is easy. Just download the .rar and open it with a program like 7zip. Then run the Tango Patcher.exe. Installation is simple and straightforward. You will have to restart when you’re done though. Below is a small example of the Tango icons.

custom folders in xp
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Now, would you like a new cursor? I’m still using XP, but I really like the Vista cursor. So let’s install that! You can go here to download the cursor. Again, it’s very easy to install. Extract the Aero cursors folder somewhere, go into the folder, right click install.inf and click Install.

installing custom cursors

Now go to Start -> Control Panel -> Mouse, click on the Pointers tab and select Aero Cursors. Click Apply and then OK. You can download more cursors from here.

Be sure to share your favorite cursors!

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  1. Thank you for the article. Today I decided to change icons for shortcuts on the desktop, and how to do it – do not know. I simply pointed out a folder with icons and all, but there is not so simple, in a folder with icons, you must also select a specific icon – all the icons for some reason do not appear. Well, we’ve decided to Googling, and came to this article. Thanks again.

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