How to turn your Nokia N95 into a pedometer

This tutorial will guide you through turning your N95 into a pedometer using the Nokia Step Counter.

Please note: This guide was initially published back in 2008 and some of the software it references no longer exists. As such, we have asked Google to remove this from their search database, however the document will remain online for archival sake.

  1. If you don’t already have it installed, you must first install the LINK GONE before Nokia Step Counter will work. The only file you need from this zip file is N95AccelerometerPlugin.sis. The rest of the files in the archive are only useful to you if you are developing software for the S60 platform.
  2. Once you have N95AccelerometerPlugin.sis installed, you can download Nokia Step Counter from LINK GONE
  3. Now that you have Nokia Step Counter installed, you can find it by selecting Menu -> Applications -> Step Counter.
  4. You could just start the Nokia Step Counter, but let’s personalize it a bit first. Scroll down and select Settings, then select User.

  6. This screen is where you can set your Name, Age, Gender, Height, and Step Length. The more accurate you are with these details, the more accurate your results will be.

  8. Now press the Back button twice to return to the main screen, then select Start.

  10. You could just leave Nokia Step Counter running in the foreground, but I’d rather put it in the background and also use my phone for other things. Select Options -> Run In Background. Now just put your phone in your pocket and go about your normal routine for awhile.
  11. Once some time has passed, open Nokia Step Counter again so see how far you’ve gone. You can use the Up and Down toggles to see the details.

  13. Stop the Nokia Step Counter by selecting Options -> Stop.
  14. There are a few more useful details available. If you select Diary you are presented with a calendar. Each day that you used Nokia Step Counter is a clickable link.

  16. Use the Up and Down toggle to see the details for that day.

  18. Press the Back button twice to return to the main screen, then select Progress.
  19. Here you can use the Up and Down toggle to view the Yearly Summary, Daily Step Count, and Weekly Step Count.

  21. Now press the Back button to return to the main screen. Select Settings, then select General.

  23. Here you can set Nokia Step Counter to automatically start and stop at specific times of day, set your daily step target, and change the measurement units that are used.

  25. One minor note: Height and weight must be entered in Metric units of centimeters and kilograms, regardless of which units you have selected as your Measurement Units in the settings. Considering the fact that Nokia Step Counter is still beta, or testing software, I’m willing to overlook this one minor flaw. Hopefully this will be fixed in an upcoming release.

Watch for my upcoming list of interesting applications that take advantage of the built in accelerometer in the Nokia N95.

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