How to Hide a .rar File Within an Image File

This tutorial will show you how to hide .rar files within .jpg (image) files – so that anyone who opens the picture would never know there was another file hidden within it.

This isn’t really a very secure way to ‘hide’ files, it’s really more for fun – if you really want to protect your data, you’ll want to use something like VeraCrypt. With that said, here’s how you can hide a .rar file inside of an image.

  1. Select the RAR file that you want to hide. For this example the file I want to hide is called files.rar and the picture I’m going to hide it in is called warren.jpg. Copy both the files into the same folder.
  2. two files in a File Explorer window

  3. Then open the command prompt by selecting Start -> Run -> in the space provided enter cmd and click OK.
  4. Navigate to the the folder that you stored the files in. I kept them in the Downloads folder found within my My Documents folder, so I issued the commands cd “My Documents” and then cd Downloads. Now type the following command: copy /b warren.jpg + files.rar warren2.jpg Remember – replace warren.jpg, files.rar and warren2.jpg with the names of your files.
  5. a windows command prompt with the command to hide a rar file inside of an image file
    click to enlarge

  6. This will embed the archive, thus hiding it. You can open warren2.jpg with a picture viewer and there will be no indication that there’s a .rar file hidden within it.
  7. To open the hidden archive (.rar file), simply open warren2.jpg (your picture) with WinRAR, or the RAR decompression utility of your choice.
  8. NOTE: you may need to select All Files when opening your picture file with WinRAR, otherwise it won’t be listed in the directory view.
  9. Now you can extract the “hidden” files from your “hidden” RAR file.

  10. click to enlarge

  11. That’s it! If you need to update the contents of the hidden rar file, make sure to ‘combine’ it with the original image when you’re done – not the one you’ve already put embedded a rar file into.

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