How to Convert .flac Files to .mp3 in Ubuntu Linux

This easy to follow tutorial will explain step by step how to convert .flac files to .mp3 files in Ubuntu Linux.

  1. Start out by launching the Software Center from your Favorites bar or App Panel. Search for soundconverter and then select it when it appears in the search results.
  2. the ubuntu software center with a search for sound converter

  3. Click the Install button to install SoundConverter .
  4. an arrow pointing to an install button

  5. To launch Sound Converter, open your App panel and select it from the list of Apps on your Ubuntu computer.
  6. the sound converter item in the Ubuntu app list

  7. Once Sound Converter opens, click the Preferences button (see screenshot below)
  8. an arrow pointing to the Preferences button in Sound Convertor

  9. From the Where to place results? section, select the location where you want to save your converted MP3 files. In the How to name files? section, I prefer the default (Save as input, but replace the suffix) – but you can make any change to suit your preferences.
  10. the Preferences for Sound Converter

  11. Finally, the the Type of results? section, select your preferred output format (probably MP3). For the Bitrate mode: and Quality:, again, I prefer the defaults – but you can make any changes you see fit. Once you set all the preferences to your liking, click the Close button.
  12. the Preferences for Sound Converter in the Decode section

  13. Now it’s time to convert some flac files. Select Add File if you just want to convert a few tracks (that’s how I’ll be doing it in this example) or Add Folder to select an entire folder of .flac files.
  14. an arrow pointing to the Add File button

  15. Select the .flac files you want to convert, or the folder that contains them, and then click the Open button.
  16. selecting flac files to convert to mp3 in Ubuntu

  17. Finally it’s time – click the Convert button from the top Toolbar.
  18. an arrow pointing to a convert button

  19. The status of the conversion will appear in the bottom left corner.
  20. flac files converting to mp3 in Ubuntu

  21. Once the conversion has completed, open the folder you specified back in step #5 (Where to place results?) and all of your newly converted MP3s will be there waiting for you. Now you know how to convert FLAC files to MP3 in Ubuntu!
  22. a group of flac files and mp3 files that have been converted

Obviously you can use Rhythmbox to play your mp3 and flac files in Ubuntu, but VLC is maybe even better :)

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10 thoughts on “How to Convert .flac Files to .mp3 in Ubuntu Linux”

  1. Thank you very much. Instead of mp3, I used ogg “insanely high” (LOL!) quality.

  2. Thank you! Not only did it convert my .flac-files, but it also managed to take some .m4a’s in the process, all within 4 minutes. Wow

  3. bartek klimczak

    yes as per other comments, great guide, much appreciated for a novice like me

  4. WOOT! Thanks for the info. I was in a pinch here with my daughter; needed a offline audio track. We got a FLAC file by recording from headphone to mic, but my HP UBUNTU is playing everything back out the laptops speakers and the headphones. She needed the audio on her iPOD to accommodate her project in a place you can’t be heard. Your instructions were flawless. Wish I could hug you; you’re upholding the meaning of UBUNTU!

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