How to convert PDF files to Text files

This brief tutorial will guide you through converting .pdf files into .txt files.

Using the free program Zilla PDF to TXT Converter, you can convert pdf files to txt files in seconds.

  1. Start out by downloading and installing Zilla PDF to TXT Converter. The installation is very straight forward – you’ll click “Next” a bunch of times and be done. If it doesn’t auto-launch at the end of the installation, just double-click the icon it created on your desktop or Start menu.

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  3. Simply drag-and-drop a PDF file into the big Drag & Drop Files Here window. One of the cool features of Zilla PDF to TXT Converter is that it allows you to batch convert PDF files – so you can drag a bunch of PDFs to that window and convert them all at once. The default output folder – the place where your txt files will be created, is C:\output. If you’d rather have them saved somewhere else, click the Browse button and select the folder you want them saved in.

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  5. Once you’ve added a PDF or two (or 5, or 10) to the conversion window, click the big Start Converting Now button. Zilla PDF to TXT Converter will do its thing, and once completed, you’ll hear a little sound notifying you it’s done, and open the folder with the converted files. That’s it!
  6. My only complaint (and it’s a pretty minor one) with the program is the nag screen asking you to upgrade (so you can convert PDF files to all sorts of other formats, for a price) each time you quit. Just click Cancel each time.

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  4. I don’t understand. It says that it is converted and there isn’t even a single line of text. There’s just a symbol–quite similar to Prince’s former symbol! Do I blame Prince or the program?

  5. […] If you have lots of PDF files you need to extract text from, Zilla PDF to TXT Converter makes batch extraction a breeze. The freeware verison is limited, as the name would suggest, to converting PDF files to plain text. You can specify the page range and whether or not to acknowledge page breaks on a file by file basis. The commercial version, PDFZilla, is $29.99 and offers batch conversion of PDF to Word, RTF, TXT, and HTML among others formats. Zilla PDF to TXT Converter is freeware, Windows only. Zilla PDF to TXT Converter [] […]

  6. Now see my problem is i was to convert a WHOLE 63 page book….but it only lets me convert the first page any help on how i can fix this problem beside s registrating like another program?

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