How to Add and Remove Apps From Your Android Home Screen

This brief tutorial will explain step by step you how to add or remove Apps from your Android home screen.

Since there are so many versions of Android being used on so many different devices, the screenshots in this guide probably won’t look exactly like what you see on your screen. With that said, they will be close enough that you should have no trouble at all following along.

  1. Start out by bringing up the list of all your Apps. Tap and hold your finger down on the one you want to copy to your home screen.
  2. list of Android Apps in the App Drawer

  3. Your home screen will appear and you can move your finger to where you want the App shortcut to reside.
  4. an icon hovering over a home screen

  5. Let go of your finger on the spot where you want it located.
  6. newly added shortcut

  7. If you decide you want to remove an App from your home screen, tap that App and hold your finger down. Somewhere on the screen (probably the top or bottom) a couple of new icons will appear. One of them will be called something like Remove or Trash – drag and drop the App you want to remove onto that icon. Note: this process does not actually uninstall or delete the App – it just removes the shortcut to it from your home screen.
  8. removing an App shortcut from an Android home screen

Now that you know how to add and remove Apps from your Android home screen, why not learn how to add and remove widgets from the Android home screen.

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4 thoughts on “How to Add and Remove Apps From Your Android Home Screen”

  1. I had tried almost everything..even saw the red trashcan appear! Thanks so much, that was simple enough! I had went through, going into settings and nothing!Now, i have a clean home screen..bless you!

  2. Thanks! WAY too simple–should have figured that one out–but didn’t! Lol! Thanks, again!

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