How to add and remove Applications to your Android home screen

This brief tutorial will show you how to add and/or delete apps (which are actually just shortcuts to the application) to your Android home screen.

  1. Start out by pulling up the list of all your apps. Tap and hold down the app that you want to move to your home screen.
  2. The app will instantly move to your home screen.
  3. With your finger still held down, drag the app to the location on your home screen you’d like it to reside.
  4. Repeat the above steps to add more apps.
  5. If you decide you want to remove an app from your home screen, tap that shortcut and hold your finger down. You’ll notice that the ‘slider’ that normally brings up your full list of installed programs turns into a “trash can”.
  6. Drag the app into the trash can and both will turn red. Let go of your finger and the app will be deleted. Note: this process does not actually uninstall or delete the program – it just removes the shortcut to it from your home screen.

30 thoughts on “How to add and remove Applications to your Android home screen”

  1. How do I delete widgets from my Android Straight Talk Huawii Ascend cellphone. Anything can be a widget on my phone. Please HELP!

  2. I had tried almost everything..even saw the red trashcan appear! Thanks so much, that was simple enough! I had went through, going into settings and nothing!Now, i have a clean home screen..bless you!

  3. Trash can turns red like it is accepting the widget/app but it pops right back up on the home screen. Any ideas? Is the trash full? How do I empty it?

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