How to surf the web anonymously on your Android device

This tutorial will guide you through the steps required to browse the web anonymously on your Android phone.

  1. Start out by opening up the Android Market. Select Search from the options.
  2. Enter the word torproxy in the search field, and run a search for it.
  3. You should get two results: TorProxy and Shadow. Install both of them.
  4. Once both TorProxy and Shadow are installed, open your applications list and select TorProxy
  5. Here you’ll have to set your anonymous preference. Off will leave it turned off until you change that setting, on-demand will turn TorProxy on when an application (Shadow) requires it, and always on will leave it always running. The on-demand option is a good one.
  6. Now launch Shadow from your applications list. One thing you’ll notice right away is that a “timer” will appear in your top menu, counting down. This is the TorProxy connection status, and it lets you know how long it’s going to take to make a connection. Once the timer hits 0, you should be connected.
  7. Once you’re connected, the “timer” icon will change to an onion – and Shadow will notify you that you’re now browsing anonymously.
  8. Shadow is similar to the built in Android browser. Click the menu button on your device, and the Shadow options will appear. Select Go to enter an address.
  9. I visited to find out what IP address web sites believed I was ‘coming from’ (the Tor Proxy).
  10. It also confirmed that I was browsing anonymously – the IP address displayed was not the one assigned to my Android device.
  11. One thing you’ll notice while surfing with Shadow is that a little Cookies Blocked button will appear fairly often. This lets you know that the page you’re visiting wanted to issue a cookie to you, but Shadow blocked it. Tap that icon..
  12. … and you can change the setting to allow cookies for that domain (whitelist).
  13. If you bring up the Notification window while TorProxy is running, it will be displayed. Tap its entry.
  14. From here you can change the settings, turning TorProxy off etc.

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4 thoughts on “How to surf the web anonymously on your Android device”

  1. This is the best tip of the day! I can’t live without my Android you know. :)

    Do I have to use “Shadow” browser? I use OperaTOR desktop. No additional software required. It’s very slow though compared to plain Opera.

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