How to Force Firefox to Open Bookmarks in a New Tab

This short-and-sweet tutorial will show you how to set Firefox to open your bookmarks in a new tab, rather than taking over the existing one.

  1. Install the Open Bookmarks in New Tab (what a brilliant name) Firefox add-on as you would any other.
  2. Firefox add-on installation confirmation box

  3. Select one of your bookmarks and open it.
  4. an arrow pointing to a bookmark in Firefox

  5. It will automatically launch in a new tab, instead of taking over your current one.
  6. a newly opened tab in a browser bar

  7. That’s it! Now you don’t have to open a new tab before you open a bookmark – you can just open the bookmark.

There are lots of ways to improve Firefox with add-ons from web design add-ons to switching your User-Agent.

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