How to Insert an Image into a Document with the Pages App

This tutorial shows you step by step how to insert an image into a document using the Pages App on an iPad or iPhone.

Back in 2010 when this guide was initially published, this process was a bit more complicated. Fast forward to 2021 it’s super easy to add an image to a document that you’re working on in the Pages App. Here’s how –

  1. Place the cursor where you’d like to insert the image in the document.
  2. a document in the Pages app for iOS with an arrow pointing at the cursor

  3. Tap the “plus sign” button ( + ) in the Toolbar (found in the upper-right corner of the Pages app, see screenshot below) and then select Photo or Video from the list of options.
  4. an arrow pointing at the plus sign button in the Pages Toolbar

  5. Select the image you want to insert from your Photos.
  6. selecting a photo from the Photo app library

  7. Once the image has been imported into the document, use the blue ‘dots’ to resize it.
  8. an image inserted into Pages on an iPad

  9. You can also insert an image into Pages that you can take right then and there using the Camera item from the menu back in step #2. Or, insert an image stored someone on your iPad or iPhone that isn’t in your Photos app – by selecting Insert from… in the list of menu items.
  10. That’s it! May your documents be that much more impressive! :)

Did you know you can work on Pages documents on your Mac using the free Pages App for macOS? Then you can transfer those documents to your iPad or iPhone and work on them there.

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