How to Lock Your iPad With a Passcode

This guide will show you how to add a passcode or PIN to your iPad so that once it’s locked you’ll need to enter that code in order to use it.

Adding a 4 digit PIN code, 6 digit PIN code or a complete alphanumerical password to your iPad will help you keep it secure – especially if it’s lost or stolen. It would be bad enough to lose your iPad – but it would be much worse for the person who finds your iPad to be able to access your personal information (photos, notes, email, calendar etc). This brief tutorial will show you how to secure your iPad by requiring a pin-code or password to be entered before you can use it. You can use this “lock” in addition to Touch ID or Face ID, depending on your iPad model and personal preference.

  1. Start out by selecting Settings from your home screen
  2. the iOS Settings button

  3. Select Touch ID & Passcode from the list of Settings. Note: it may be called Face ID & Passcode if your iPad supports Face ID.
  4. the iPadOS Touch ID & Passcode Settings menu item

  5. Look for the link titled Turn Passcode On and tap it.
  6. a link in the iPadOS Settings titled Turn Passcode On

  7. Depending on how you’ve used your iPad, you may have fingerprints or profiles saved. Tap Keep either way.
  8. an iOS warning message with Keep and Delete buttons

  9. Now you’ll be prompted to enter a 6 digit passcode (PIN). If you’d rather use a 4 digit code or an alphanumerical password, tap the Passcode Options link.
  10. the iOS PIN prompt with an arrow pointing at the Passcode Options link

  11. Choose the type of passcode you’d like to use. I prefer to use a 4 digit PIN, so that’s what we’ll use for the rest of this guide. If you opt for a 6 digit PIN or longer password, the steps will be nearly identical from here on – you’ll have no trouble following along.
  12. the passcode lock options for an iPad

  13. Enter your passcode when prompted.
  14. entering a PIN on an iPad to lock it

  15. Enter it a second time to confirm.
  16. entering a PIN on an iPad to lock it a second time for confirmation

  17. At this point you’ll be prompted to sign into your Apple account. Enter your password in the provided space and then tap Sign In
  18. the sign in form for Apple with an arrow pointing to the Sign In link

  19. For some reason it can take a few moments to set your new passcode. The little wheel that spins will just keep on spinning until it’s done – be patient, it’s not frozen.
  20. changing the lock PIN on an iPad

  21. Depending on your exact iPad model, you may also be able to unlock your device using Touch ID or Face ID. If you want to be able to unlock your iPad using either a PIN or Touch/Face ID, make sure the iPad Unlock toggle in the Touch/Face ID & Passcode section is ON. If you want to use the passcode and only the passcode, make sure the iPad Unlock toggle is OFF
  22. Touch ID Settings for iPadOS and iOS

  23. Now when you lock your device you’ll be prompted for your passcode (and/or Touch ID/Face ID, depending on your preference).
  24. the iPad Lock screen

  25. That’s it! You’re all done.
  26. Before you move on, check out some of our other iPad guides, tips and tricks.

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