How to Add More Apps to your iPad Dock

This very brief but detailed tutorial will show you how to add Apps to the Dock on your iPad.

By default, Apple includes 4 Apps in your iPad’s Dock – Messages, Safari, Mail and Music (although this has changed in the past and will likely change again in the future). But that doesn’t mean you can’t add more.

  1. Locate an App you want to add to the dock. Tap it and hold down on your screen until all the App icons start to ‘wiggle’ and X‘s appear in the upper-left corner of most app icons. In this example I’m going to move the Google app to my Dock.
  2. a Google App icon on an iPadOS Home screen with an X in the corner

  3. With your finger still holding the icon down, drag it to the location on the dock where you want the app to reside and let go of your finger.
  4. adding an App to the iPad Dock

  5. Ta-da! Now that app is a part of your iPad Dock.
  6. a new App added to the iPad Dock

  7. Depending on your iPad model and the version of iOS or iPadOS that it’s running, you can add up to 15 Apps to your iPad Dock.
  8. iPadOS with a full Dock

  9. When you want to remove an App from your Dock, tap that App and hold your finger down again until the icons start to wiggle. Drag it out of the Dock and onto one of the Home screens.

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1 thought on “How to Add More Apps to your iPad Dock”

  1. This was a big help, however does anyone know how to move the pad that unlocks the ipad to a corner versus being in the middle of the screen? I have pictures downloaded but when the pad is visible it blocks a majority of the picture, kinda of annoying. Not a big deal jusking asking if anyone knows how to move it.

    Thnaks for all the help, you guys ROCK!!!!

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