How to download and install Windows 7 Themes

This brief tutorial will show you how to download and install new themes for your Windows 7 PC.

Though Windows 7 includes lots of “eye-candy” that previous versions of Windows didn’t, it can still get a little dull using the same theme day and in and out. Here’s how you can download and install new themes for Windows 7 –

  1. The screenshot below illustrates the default theme in Windows 7.

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  3. If you’d like to change things up a bit, try downloading some other themes directly from Microsoft. Just head over to the Microsoft Personalization Gallery and scroll down to the Themes section.

    Select one that you want to try. Remember – you can always change back to the default theme (or any other) whenever you’d like. So trying out a couple of themes is a good idea. For this tutorial I opted to install the “Cats Everywhere” theme.

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  5. Save the file to your Desktop or Downloads folder.
  6. Once the download has completed, locate the file and double-click it.

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  8. The theme will install itself and the Personalization section of the Control Panel will open. You’ll notice that your newly installed theme is now the one selected – and that theme is the one that Windows 7 is now using.

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  10. As seen in the screenshot of my desktop below, themes can change the appearance of Windows 7 quite nicely.

  11. click to enlarge

  12. If you ever decide you’re bored of one theme and watch to switch to another, just right-click an empty space on your Desktop and select Personalize.
  13. Once again the Personalization section of the Control Panel will open, and from here you can select a different theme to use.

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  15. That’s it! Happy customizing!

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