How to Restore the iTunes 10 Buttons to the Horizontal Layout

This brief tutorial will show you how to revert back to the original, horizontal buttons in iTunes 10 – instead of the vertical button layout.

With the launch of iTunes 10 came a whole slew of new features and user interface changes. The change that most bothered me was having the “close” (red) “minimize” (yellow) and re-size (green) buttons moved to a vertical line, rather than the traditional horizontal one.

  1. As seen in the screenshot below, iTunes 10 switched the button layout – presumably to maximize the available space for other items. Whatever the reason, I (and presumably you) don’t like it.
  2. new button layout for itunes 10

  3. To switch back to the previous button layout, open a Terminal window by selecting Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal. Enter the following command:

    defaults write full-window -boolean YES

    and then hit enter.

  4. Terminal window with the command to switch the button layout in itunes 10
    click to enlarge

  5. Close iTunes, and then re-open it. Your buttons are now back where they belong.
  6. itunes 10 buttons back in their original vertical position

  7. Note: when in Mini-Player mode, the buttons will remain vertical, as they have been for years
  8. itunes 10 mini-player

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