How to cancel a Facebook Friend Request

So you’ve requested to be ‘friends’ with someone on Facebook – and they haven’t answered. Or maybe you’ve just decided you don’t really want to be friends with that person after all. Maybe you accidentally sent a friend request to someone. Whatever your reason, this very brief tutorial will show you how to cancel that friendship request on Facebook.

  1. Open up the page for the person you sent a friend request to. At the top of their page, you’ll see a message saying Awaiting friend confirmation
  2. Next to that message, there will be a small “x”. Click it.
  3. That’s it – your request to be friends with that person has now been cancelled. You’re all done :)

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11 thoughts on “How to cancel a Facebook Friend Request”

  1. That is a new feature to Facebook – when someone receives a friend request and denies it another little message pops up after you deny them saying “do you know ____, mark as ‘do not know'” ” which means when they come back to your page it will still say awaiting friend confirmation and you’re not able to cancel it because then you’d be able to send another request. basically you won’t be able to add them unless they add you. ask them to send a friend request

  2. One answer that I’ve seen: The friend marked the option that says they don’t know you, so you’ve been blocked from adding them as a friend, hence you can never cancel the request. Send them a message if you know them.

  3. Same case wid me……..Plz help any1……..always says “Sorry, your connection has failed. Please try again.”

  4. I’ve tried blocking the person 3 times in hopes of canceling the friend request, it didnt delete the request.
    I also tried clicking on the X, it still said ‘’sorry, your connection failed at this time. Please try again”.

    I really dont know what to do anymore, why can’t I just cancel it?

    Thank you for your help!

  5. Here are some from the Facebook Help Community – none of which I can personally verify, and you may have tried them already.. If you have, I would contact Facebook – which is a hassle.


    Then leave a comment or click on the Reports tab and choose a general category and fill out the form (or both).

    Here are the suggestions from other FB users (again, can’t verify at all that they work).

    “If you block the contact and unblock later, then you delete your request.”

    NOTE FROM ROSS: I would investigate that app before installing it – I don’t trust a lot of FB apps.

    1. Install this facebook application
    2. It will search & display “My Pending Requests”
    3. View each profile by clicking on it’s name. Don’t click on “Remove Request” on the right, it will not work)
    4. When the profile loads, click “x” next to “Awaiting friend confirmation” at the top of the page.

    “I think the only way is to go on there page again, and then block them, and then go to ur account settings and take them off of ur block list.. ONCE u take them off of ur block list it automatically cancels the friend request..”

  6. I’ve tried everyting! Its so frustrating! I use Safari 5. I’ve sent a random friend request to see if I can cancel it, and I could! But this friend request just wont cancel!

  7. Sarah –

    That’s actually really… weird. Have you tried signing out of Facebook, then signing back in and trying to cancel the request?

    If that doesn’t (or didn’t) work – you could also try clearing the Facebook cookies from your browser. Which browser do you use?

  8. it didnt work for me. it said ”sorry, your connection failed at this time. Please try again”. I’ve been trying for approx a week, i’ve even tried to block the person and it STILL says ”awating friend confirmation”- Please help.

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