How to Cancel a Facebook Friend Request

This step by step guide shows you how to cancel a Facebook friend request, which isn’t particularly difficult, but it is a bit buried in the settings.

So you’ve requested to be ‘friends’ with someone on Facebook – and they haven’t answered. Or maybe you’ve just decided you don’t really want to be friends with that person after all. Maybe you accidentally sent a friend request to someone. Whatever your reason, follow these steps and you’ll cancel that Friend request in now time.

  1. Visit your Facebook profile and select the Friends link found in the toolbar below your profile photo.
  2. an arrow pointing to the Friends link in the Facebook toolbar

  3. Click the Friend Requests link found in the Friends panel.
  4. the Friend Request link in the Facebook Friends panel

  5. Find the See All link in the upper-left corner of the window and give it a click.
  6. the See All link for Facebook Friend requests

  7. This time find the View Sent Requests link (it’s in roughly the same location as the See All link was) and click it.
  8. an arrow pointing to a link titled View Sent Requests

  9. Finally! Locate the friend request that you want to cancel and click the Cancel Request button.
  10. cancel facebook friend request

  11. Confirm that the Facebook friend status has changed to Request canceled and … that’s it! You’re all done.
  12. a confirmation message

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