How to Save Documents Created in Pages as an ePub

This brief tutorial will show you how to save documents that you have created in Apple’s Pages application as an ePub file, which can then be viewed on most eReaders.

One thing you may want to do before you jump into creating ePub files via Pages is to review the Apple Books Asset Guide from Apple. It explains how to best format your documents so that they export as the best possible ePub files, among a lot of other things (it’s a long read).

  1. Create a (or open an existing) document as you normally would in Pages.
  2. the macOS Pages app with a document being displayed

  3. After you’ve finished creating the document, review it to make sure that the styles adhere to the Apple Books Asset Guide. When you’re ready, select File from the menu bar, then Export To and finally EPUB…
  4. the Export To EPUB menu in the Pages app

  5. In the Export Your Document panel there are a series options to select and fields for you to fill out, all of which are quite straight forward. Click Next… when you’re done making your selections etc.
  6. selecting options to apply to an ePUB file exported from Pages

  7. Give your file a name and choose a save location, then click Export
  8. naming a file and giving a save location in macOS

  9. Depending on how complex your document was, you may receive some warning messages. These are typically errors or potential errors that occurred when exporting (converting) your document to an ePub file.
  10. error messages

  11. Locate the file in the location where you chose to save it and then double-click it to open it up in the Books app.
  12. a Finder window with an arrow pointing to an ePUB file

  13. From here you can open your ePub file and review the formatting etc. If there are any parts of the document that don’t look right or need to be formatted differently, it’s probably explained in the Apple Books Asset Guide. Make any changes needed back in the Pages app and then export it again, repeating the process. Otherwise, you’re all done!
  14. an ePUB file loaded into the Apple Books app

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