How to Turn Off The Notification Sounds on an iPhone or iPad

This tutorial will show you how to turn off the notification sounds for various apps and actions on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

The steps to disable the notification sounds on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch have changed a bunch of times over the years. Now you can disable app notification sounds, mute all sounds including phone calls, turn off sounds like the ‘typing’ on the keypad, or any one of a zillion combinations of all those things.

  1. Tap the Settings icon from your Home screen.
  2. the iOS and iPadOS Settings button

  3. Select Notifications from the list of settings.
  4. a partial list of the iPhone Settings with an arrow pointing at the Notifications option

  5. Here you’ll find a list of all your apps and their various notification settings. Select the one that you’d like to stop from making audio notifications – for this example we’ll choose the Mail app.
  6. the list of apps and their notification settings for an iPhone or iPad

  7. If you want to disable all notifications for an app, toggle the Allow Notifications switch to the OFF position. To disable just the audio, tap whatever name is in the Sounds field.
  8. turn off all iPhone and iPad notification sounds and banners

  9. Select None from the list of ALERT TONES
  10. turn off iPhone and iPad notification by selecting NONE from a list of sounds

  11. To disable the notification sounds for some of the built-in system features (eg. when you get a new voicemail) go back to the main Settings and this time select the Sounds entry.
  12. the Sounds entry in the iPhone and iPad Settings list

  13. Scroll down to the SOUNDS AND VIBRATION PATTERNS section and make any changes you see fit to mute the notifications for the various iOS/iPadOS features. This is also the place where you can disable the typing sound you hear when you use the keypad or the lock/unlock sound.
  14. turn off iPhone notification sounds and vibrations

  15. If you want to temporarily disable all notification sounds on your iPhone or iPad, the Do Not Disturb feature is exactly what you’re looking for. Before you enable it, take a look at the ways it can be configuring by going to Settings -> Do Not Disturb
  16. the Do Not Disturb settings in iOS

  17. When you want to enable Do Not Disturb just bring up the Control Center and tap the “moon” button (see screenshot below).
  18. an arrow pointing at the Do Not Disturb button in the iOS Control Center

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