How to View Pictures from your SD Card on your Boxee Box

This tutorial will show you how to view all the pictures on your cameras SD Card via your Boxee Box.

  1. Start out by inserting your SD Card into your Boxee Box. The slot is located on the side of the box itself.
  2. sd card in a boxee box

  3. Navigate to the Files section of your Boxee Box. Select the entry for your SD Card. As illustrated in the image below, my SD card is titled “Unnamed”.
  4. files section of the boxee box
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  5. Depending on the type of camera you have, you may need to dig a bit deeper to find those photos. Typically they’re stored inside of a folder called dcim.

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  7. Again, you may have to drill down even further to find your photos.

  8. click to enlarge

  9. Finally! The list of your pictures will be displayed on the left side of the screen, and as you navigate up and down the list, a thumbnail/preview of the picture will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

  10. click to enlarge

  11. Use the remote to select and ‘click’ on a photo to view it in full-screen.

  12. click to enlarge

  13. Press the Menu button on your Boxee remote and a controller will appear at the bottom of the screen. From here you can start a slide-show of all your photos, rotate them, or switch to full-screen. If you want to just navigate through the photos at your own pace, you can use the left and right buttons on the remote to move back and forth.

  14. click to enlarge

  15. That’s it! It’s that simple. When you’re done, just pop out the SD card.

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