Copy Videos From a Flip Camera Without Using FlipShare on a Mac

This tutorial will show you how to copy the videos you’ve taken with your Flip Camera onto your Mac’s hard drive, external drive, USB thumb drive – or any Mac – without using the FlipShare software.

  1. Start out by plugging your Flip Camera into one of your Mac’s USB ports as usual.

    Open a Finder window and select (1) FLIPVIDEO from the DEVICES list. Then select the (2) DCIM folder, then the (3) 100VIDEO. The 100VIDEO folder may also be called 101VIDEO or something similar. There may also be multiple folders. Start with the first folder, continue the following steps, and if that folder doesn’t contain your videos, come back and select the next one. Now, select (4) the video you want to copy.

  2. Finder with a long path to a mounted Flip camera
    click to enlarge

  3. If you have more than one video, select the first one and then tap the Space bar. That will bring up Quick View and you can preview the video to make sure it’s the one you want to copy.
  4. preview a Flip video using Quick View in Finder
    click to enlarge

  5. Finally, drag the video you want to copy to the folder or drive you want to copy it to…
  6. copy flip videos to a Mac drive from Finder
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  7. … and it’ll copy. You can delete the files on your Flip Video camera as you would any other file (after you’ve copied them!) if you wish.
  8. deleted videos after copied from Flip camera

  9. That’s it!

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