The easiest way to transfer files to your Android phone

This tutorial will show you the simplest possible way to transfer files to your Android device – from any Operating System (Windows, OS X, Linux etc).

Using the new service Awesome Drop, your can just drag-and-drop files into a Web browser and they will be automatically sent to your phone. All you need is a web browser, the free Awesome Drop app, and a 3G connection on your phone (WiFi is ideal if the files are large). Here’s how to do it…

  1. First up, visit the Android Market and search for the phrase Awesome Drop. The app is free and installs the same way all other Android apps do.

    Now launch it from your Applications list.

  2. You’ll see spaces to enter 4 numbers – your PIN – and a keyboard.
  3. Head over to You’ll see a big red box that has 4 numbers displayed in it.
  4. Enter those numbers into Awesome Drop on your Android phone. Once you do, you’ll see that the Awesome Drop web site has changed from having the big red box to a big green one, with the words Drag files here in that box.

  5. click to enlarge

  6. The Awesome Drop app on your phone will now say waiting for drop.
  7. Now just drag files from your computer onto the Drop files here box in your browser window. The screenshot below illustrates files being dragged from the Finder in OS X. The process is the same if you use Windows or Linux – just find the files, and drag and drop them to the big green box in your browser.

  8. click to enlarge

  9. The files will now start to transfer via the Awesome Box service…

  10. click to enlarge

  11. … and then to your Android phone. Note: your files are not stored anywhere on the Awesome Drop web site or service.
  12. Once all the files have been uploaded to Awesome Box, they’ll be listed below the Drop files here box. Which, you can continue to drop files onto, if you wish.

  13. click to enlarge

  14. In this example, I have transfered MP3s to my Android phone. Just tap the file name from within Awesome Box and …
  15. Whatever app it is that opens that file type, will launch. In my case, I’ve been prompted to select an MP3 player to play the audio file with (see example screenshot below).
  16. That’s it! You can use this method from any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser to transfer files from that computer to your Android phone. Note: the files copied to your Android device using this method are stored on your device in a folder titled drop on your SD Card.

11 thoughts on “The easiest way to transfer files to your Android phone”

  1. Everything worked but how do i put my jpg in my gallery on my Droid X. when i open my pictures they open and nothing happens and I can’t figure out how to place them in my gallery

  2. I downloaded, installed, got the pin, and dropped a file. It whent below the box on my computer, and it showed up in the green box on my phone, but that’s it. It’s not showing below the green box. What’s up?

  3. Awesome drop worked for me exactly as the instructions said. It was so incredibly easy that I was downloading my songs in a minute. I love that this app does one thing, and does it very well. The interface is so intuitive that it would be difficult to screw it up. I’m impressed!

  4. I’ve tested maybe 150 free apps – most of which were, to say the least, uninspiring – on my Droid X. ‘Awesome Drop’ is the clear #1, so far. It’s a simple concept, executed in a manner that’s lightweight, dead simple, and lightning-fast. Makes me smile, every time I use it. :-)

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  7. Richard –

    Awesome Box doesn’t actually store the files on any server, as Dropbox does. It also doesn’t require any kind of login/account (free or otherwise) – just the 4 digit pin displayed on their web site.

    I do (did) use Dropbox to transfer files to my phone, but somewhat rarely. And now with Awesome Drop, I don’t foresee using it again. I WILL continue to use Dropbox to transfer files FROM my phone to my Dropbox account (and all the PC’s/Mac’s associated with my Dropbox account).

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