Make YouTube Videos Default to Highest Quality in Google Chrome

Do you want the best video resolution when browsing YouTube in Chrome? Here we’ll take a look at an easy extension that will default to the best video quality in Chrome no matter what video you’re watching.

1. First open the Google Chrome Browser and head to the Auto HD for YouTube Extension page and click install.


2. Then confirm the installation by clicking the Install button.


3. Now you can select the settings for the quality you want each time you watch a video on YouTube. You can choose the Maximum quality which is 720p by default, choose your Preferred, Secondary, and Fallback quality. It also has the ability to always widen the player if you’ve selected higher resolutions.


4. Now go to YouTube and start watching your favorite videos and like in this example it defaulted to 720p. Very cool!


This handy extension is easy to install, set the quality settings, and you’ll always get good quality videos. Keep in mind though that some videos aren’t capable of higher resolutions so your mileage may vary.

Download Auto HD for YouTube in Chrome

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