How To Download All of the Data You’ve Put on Facebook

If you have a Facebook account (and who doesn’t) you might have a lot of data up there you want to backup. Here we’ll take a look at using a newer feature on Facebook to download all of your data.

1. Log into your Facebook account, click on the Account link, then click Account Settings.


2. On the next page scroll down to Download Your Information and click on Learn More.


3. The Download Your Information page comes up with a brief description of what it is. Click on the Download button in the lower left corner.


4. A dialog box will pop up letting you know it will take a while to gather all of your data…click the Download button.


5. Next you’ll get a message telling you an email will be sent when your archive is ready to download…click Okay.


6. Then on the Download Your Information page you’ll see that it’s pending.


7. The amount of time it takes will vary depending on how much data there is to archive, and how busy the Facebook servers are. We got our email with a link to the download in about an hour. Click the link they email you and you’re brought to the Download your Information page again and will need to enter in your account password.


8. Next you’ll need to start a Security Check and verify you’re the owner of the account. It’s rather nice to see they have extra security precautions, so not anyone can access your data.


9. You’ll be shown 5 different pictures of friends and have to identify them correctly…if you’re not sure, you’re allowed to skip twice.


10. Now you can download your data file which will be zipped.


11. After downloading the file, right-click and select Extract All or use your favorite compression utility such as 7zip.


12. When you open the folder you’ll find all of your data. A folder with your photos and videos you’ve uploaded…


13. And all of your other data including your wall, messages, profile, and more in HTML format that will open in your default browser.



If you’re looking for a way to backup all of your Facebook data for use offline, this feature works good. Make sure you keep the backed up file in a secure location if you don’t want other users having access to your personal information.

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  1. This is now 4 years old. I hoped to find cloud info and no zip. Also, is this site part of “disguise”?

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