How To Download All of the Data You’ve Put on Facebook

This tutorial explains step by step how to download all of the content you’ve uploaded to Facebook, including photos, videos, updates and more – as a .zip file.

  1. Facebook has created an address that you should be able to use to go straight to the location where you can download all of your content – If that link takes you directly to a page on Facebook titled Download Your Information you can skip down to step #6 below.
  2. If the address in the previous step didn’t take you to a page where you can download your info, have no fear, you’ll just have to navigate through some settings first. Click the Account button (the one that looks like a triangle) in the upper-right corner of the Facebook website. Select Settings & Privacy from the list of options, and then Settings
  3. the Facebook Settings menu

  4. Select Privacy from the menu on the left side of the site.
  5. the Privacy menu

  6. This time select Your Facebook Information from that same menu.
  7. an arrow pointing to the Your Facebook Information item in the Facebook Privacy settings list

  8. Click the Download Profile Information line.
  9. an arrow pointing to a link titled Download Profile Information

  10. Now you’ll have a whole slew of options to choose from to include in your download. Review each one and either remove or leave that item checked based on your preference.
  11. options to download Facebook data

  12. Make sure to choose High from the Media Quality: menu so that you’re downloading the best possible versions of your images and videos. Click the Create File button when you’ve made all your selections.
  13. bit list of file creation options

  14. A small message will be displayed letting you know the process of putting all of your information and files together has begun.
  15. a notification panel

  16. Facebook will notify you when the download is ready. You’ll also see a small red “1” next to the Available Copies tab in the Download Your Information screen.
  17. an arrow pointing to a tab titled Available Copies

  18. Click the Download button to begin downloading all of your Facebook info. Once it’s finished you’ll have a .zip file in your Downloads folder – open it up and you’ll see a series of folders with all of your info.
  19. an arrow pointing to a Download button

  20. That’s it!

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