How to Backup Your Androids SD Card

This brief tutorial will show you how to access the contents of the SD Card in your Android phone, and back up any files you deem appropriate (pictures, videos, etc) to your hard drive – in Windows and OS X.

  1. Plug your Android device into your PC or Mac via USB. Once you have, pull down the ‘top menu’ from your Android screen.
  2. Select USB connection
  3. Select USB Mass Storage and then tap the OK button.
  4. If you’re using Windows, a new drive will appear. This is the SD Card in your Android phone. Navigate through it as you would any other drive, and copy files from it to an ‘android backup’ folder you can create on your hard drive.

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  6. Another set of files I like to keep backed up are the Titanium Backup files. While Titanium Backup is great backup software for your Android phone – it does make backups to your SD Card. What happens if your SD Card fails?

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  8. If you’re using OS X – a new drive will appear once you select USB Mass Storage. You can copy files from this new drive as you would any other.
  9. That’s all there is to it – It’s that easy!

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  • jac stubbs

    Thank you for your Help –I managed to transfer my Music from my Computer to my Andoid phone -However I having found the music from the Filer icon on the home page I cannot find out how to cnnect to the tracks to listen to them–could some one please help me–Thank you !!!

  • M

    This won’t work for a mac and Android 4+.

  • Pascal Vos

    copy whole card to internal memory, insert new card, copy from internal to new sd, reboot, did the trick for me …

  • Pascal Vos

    android 4.0 by the way …

  • sivan

    How do i backup all my pictures and music onto my sd card my android versoin is 4.0.4

  • Paul