How to Get Your Mac to Recognize Newly Installed RAM

This tutorial will show you how to get your Mac to recognize any newly installed RAM that isn’t being properly reported.

  1. To view the amount of RAM installed in your Mac, open the System Profiler by going to Applications -> Utilities -> System Profiler. In the Hardware Overview window, look for the Memory: section. As you can see, my MacBook Pro has 2GB of RAM installed.
  2. the macOS System Profiler showing 2GB of RAM installed

  3. If after you upgrade (add) more RAM to your Mac, and it’s not listed as being installed – first check to make sure the ram is “seated” properly in the memory slots. If it appears to be installed properly, reboot your Mac while holding down the command + option + p + r keys.

    Wait until you hear the startup “chime” twice, and then let go of the command + option + p + r keys. This is known as “zapping the PRAM”. When your Mac starts up again, relaunch the System Profiler, and now your ‘proper’ amount of RAM should be displayed (in the example below, 4GB).

  4. showing newly installed RAM on a Mac in the System Profiler

  5. That’s it! Your Mac should now recognize and use your newly installed RAM.

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