Make Chrome Warn You When Closing Multiple Tabs

Unlike all modern browsers (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) – Chrome does not ‘warn’ you when closing your browser when multiple-tabs are open (a very helpful warning in case you accidentally click the X to close Chrome). We’ll show you how to add this feature to Chrome.

Note: at the time this tutorial was created, this solution only works for the Windows version of the Google Chrome browser.

  1. While using Chrome, head over to the Chrome Toolbox extension page. Note that Chrome Toolbox is an extension made by Google themselves. Click the Install button, and then the Install button again when prompted.
  2. You’ll get a notification that the extension has been installed once the process has completed.
  3. Click the new Chrome Toolbox icon, and select Options from the drop-down menu.
  4. On the tab titled Toolbar/Tab, scroll down to the Tab section. Make sure there’s a check in the box labeled Confirm before closing multiple tabs
  5. Now when you close Chrome and you have more than one tab open, you’ll be asked to confirm that you really do want to close Chrome. Again – super-helpful for those of (ahem, us) who accidentally click the X too often :)

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10 thoughts on “Make Chrome Warn You When Closing Multiple Tabs”

  1. Unfortunately, the recommended extension’s tab close confirmation setting is only available on Windows. Mac and Linux users are out of luck.

  2. This works like a charm! Thank you so much for your help with this long-standing problem I have had. Wish I had found this helpful information earlier

  3. Ugh! No love for Linux? The fact that I can accidentally close my entire browser session (thus losing any takes-too-long-to-load process at work, or half-finished form fill in) is a huge PITA. :(

  4. Using OS X (Snow Leopard)…And the ONLY tab option I get is “When clicking on a link, always open it in a new tab”, WTF!

    Any solution to this matter, whether through this extension or another, would be great. I don’t see why a simple prompt option can’t be implemented.

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