How To Add Watermarks to Word Documents in 2007 & 2010

Sometimes when you create a document in Microsoft Word you need to add a watermark that shows in the background to identify the document’s status. Here we show you how easy it is to add and customize them.

1. With your Word document open click on the Page layout tab on the Ribbon.


2. Then click Watermark in the Page Background section.


3. Here you can choose one from the gallery that fits the needs of your document.


4. Click on the one you want to use and it will show up in the background like in this example where we selected Confidential.


5. If you need to remove the watermark, at the bottom of the same menu click on Remove Watermark and the document will go back to normal with no background.


6. Another thing you might want to do is create a custom watermark such as your company logo or other image. If that is the case, select Custom Watermark.


7. In the Printed Watermark screen click Picture Watermark, then click the Select Picture button.


8. Browse to the picture you want to use and double-click on it. In this example I’m using a Windows logo, but of course you want to select the one you want.


9. Here is the result of the image I picked…it seems a bit too light. This might happen to you as well so you just need to experiment a bit.


10. One way to make the watermark show up better is to go back into the Custom Watermark settings and uncheck Washout, maybe change the Scale percentage, then click OK.


11. Here is the result after the changes we made…and in this case it’s a bit too pronounced in the background…like I said, experimentation is key.


12. You can change the default text watermarks in the settings as well. Click Text watermark and you can change the Language, Font, Size, Color, and Layout between either Diagonal or Horizontal…again experimentation is the key.


13. Here is an example of creating a  custom watermark.


If you need to add Watermarks to your documents, this basically covers it. Just be careful with when using images as you can make a document really unreadable and unprofessional looking. Remember, the boss won’t be happy is you flub up your TPS reports!

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