How To Create More Space On the Bookmarks Bar in Firefox

If you’re a fan of the bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox to keep your bookmarks easily accessible, sometimes you might find there isn’t enough room. Here take a look at a couple ways to create more space for them.

1. Here we take a look at Firefox with several bookmarks on the Toolbar. When you have too many and run out of room, you have to use the dropdown on the right side to access the rest of them which can be quite annoying.


2. You can try different tricks like shortening the titles of the bookmarks by renaming them to something shorter. Right-click on the bookmark and click Properties.


3. Then in the Name field change it to something shorter like the initials of the site and then click Save.


4. If you do that for the bookmarks that for each of the bookmarks that have longer names, you can clear up more space for more bookmarks on the bar.


5. If you have a large amount of bookmarks on the Toolbar, an even better option is to use a handy Add-on called Smart Bookmarks Bar. Head over to the page and click on Add to Firefox and install it.



6. As with all Firefox Add-ons you’ll need to restart it to complete the installation.


7. After it’s installed take a look at the Bookmarks Toolbar and you’ll notice a remarkable difference with everything much more condensed.


8. Now by default when you hover over a bookmark icon, it will show the full description. By using this Add-on you can actually go back and rename your bookmarks if it helps you remember what they’re for.


9. You can change the options by clicking on Tools then Add-ons.


10. Make sure Extensions is selected, scroll down to Smart Bookmarks Bar, and click on Options.


11. Now in the Smart Bookmarks Bar Options window you can change the way the bookmarks behave. After you’ve made your selections click OK.


If you like to use the Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox and find you’re running out of space, using these tips will help you reclaim more room to add even more bookmarks.

4 thoughts on “How To Create More Space On the Bookmarks Bar in Firefox”

  1. I have only the website icons displayed on my Firefox toolbar. When I save the bookmark to the toolbar, I just delete the name of the site from the dropdown, and save it to the toolbar, and then only the icon shows up, leaving much more room for favorites. It works very well.

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  3. @Druntar: Absolutely! That is another way to create more space on the Bookmarks Bar. I have some folders that are all related to a particular topic. It definitely helps save space. Good tip!

  4. Another handy tip is to use folders for related websites. For example, I keep all of my webcomics I check daily in a single folder on the bar. When it’s time to check them I just middle click the folder. Opens them all in new tabs and saves me from having 10 icons on the bookmark bar.

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