How To Create More Space On the Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox

This short guide will show you a couple of ways to make space on your Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar for even more sites to be displayed.

The Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox is a great way to keep your bookmarks easily accessible, but if you have a lot of bookmarks or you’re using a computer with a small’ish screen, you may run out of room. When that happens, any new bookmarks you add to the Toolbar are lumped into a folder at the end – which isn’t ideal. Here are a couple of ways you can make more space in the Bookmarks Toolbar so you can fit more bookmarks in it.

  1. As you’ve probably noticed, when your run out of room in the Bookmarks Toolbar, they all get lumped into a folder at the end of the Toolbar.
  2. the overflow section of the Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar

  3. One way to free up some space is to just rename the bookmark to something shorter. Right-click (or control + click for macOS users) the bookmark itself and select Edit Bookmark…
  4. the context menu for the Firefox Bookmarks menu

  5. Give your bookmark a short but descriptive name and then click the Save button.
  6. editing a bookmark in Firefox

  7. If you repeat this with each of your bookmarks, you’ll find you can fit a lot more of them in your toolbar.
  8. renamed bookmarks

  9. In fact, you don’t even have to have a name at all – you can opt to just have the icon displayed. This works well for sites that have a particularly memorable icon. Edit the bookmark again and this time just leave the Name: field empty before you click the Save button.
  10. a blank name for a Firefox bookmark

  11. Now that site will be represented in your Bookmarks Toolbar by just its icon.
  12. an arrow pointing to a favicon

  13. Another way to free up space is to create folders on the toolbar and group sites together by topic or any way that works for you. To do so, right-click (or control + click for macOS users) on an empty space in the toolbar and select Add Folder…
  14. an arrow pointing to a link titled Add Folder

  15. Give your folder a short but descriptive name.
  16. naming a folder

  17. Add sites to that folder by dragging-and-dropping them. Click the site you want to move and hold the button down, while you’re still holding the button down drag the bookmark to the folder and let go of the mouse button (or trackpad etc).
  18. dragging and dropping web site bookmarks in Firefox to create more space

  19. That will move the bookmark from the toolbar into the folder.
  20. a folder with a site in it

  21. Repeat until you’re happy with the results.
  22. a folder with a bunch of sites in it

  23. Hopefully these tips will help you reclaim some of that space in your Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar :)

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4 thoughts on “How To Create More Space On the Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox”

  1. I have only the website icons displayed on my Firefox toolbar. When I save the bookmark to the toolbar, I just delete the name of the site from the dropdown, and save it to the toolbar, and then only the icon shows up, leaving much more room for favorites. It works very well.

  2. @Druntar: Absolutely! That is another way to create more space on the Bookmarks Bar. I have some folders that are all related to a particular topic. It definitely helps save space. Good tip!

  3. Another handy tip is to use folders for related websites. For example, I keep all of my webcomics I check daily in a single folder on the bar. When it’s time to check them I just middle click the folder. Opens them all in new tabs and saves me from having 10 icons on the bookmark bar.

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