How To Hide Unwanted Optional Windows 7 Updates

Using Windows Update to keep your system up to date is an important part of your PC security regimen. However sometimes there are optional updates you don’t want or need…here is how to hide them from always showing up.

1. To check for updates click on Start >> All Programs then Windows Update.


2. Then click on Check for updates in the left panel.


3. In this example you can see there are 34 Optional Updates…because this is Windows 7 Ultimate, there are a lot of additional language packs you probably don’t need.


4. Click on the Optional Updates link to see a list of the updates. Right-click on the one you don’t need then click Hide Update.


5. If you want to hide multiple Optional Updates highlight the first one then scroll down to the bottom and hold the Shift key while you left-click the mouse to select them all.


6. Then right-click anywhere on the highlighted updates and click Hide Updates.


7. Then click OK at the bottom of the screen.


8. You’ll be brought back to the Windows Update screen and the Optional Updates are no longer displayed.


9. If you want to show Optional Updates again just click Restore hidden updates in the left panel.


10. The Optional Updates will be displayed again and you can check the one(s) you want then click Restore and install them if you want.


This works for individual or multiple Optional Updates that you want to hide or restore. You can also do this for Important Updates but it isn’t advised as they provide stability and security patches to the OS.

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3 thoughts on “How To Hide Unwanted Optional Windows 7 Updates”

  1. This method worked, at least for now.
    I hid the graphic driver upgrade that kept reappearing even after I installed it. Time will tell if it does not return.

  2. None of this made the slightest sense to me. But there again I an a Computer dummy
    Get this error when IO try to install an Intel Graphics update. Come up regularly never installed Cant find how to do it tried everything but to no avail .
    Just wish microsoft and Intel would talk to with each other about things like this.
    It would make things so much simpler for everybody. And stop causing all these silly little worries.
    But what do I know? At 78 and with a lifetimes experience I do know how to talk and get things done.. Yeah thats it! A smart assed old sod. Guess I cant argue with that>
    Bye folks

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