How To Make Sure iTunes For Windows is Up To Date

This guide will show you how to update iTunes for Windows and make sure you always stay up to date in the future.

The easiest way to make sure iTunes keeps itself up to date is to install iTunes from the Microsoft App Store. That way it’s automatically kept up to date. It’s also the way that Apple suggests you install iTunes in Windows.

Otherwise, you can follow these (slightly older but still accurate) instructions for the non-Microsoft App Store version of iTunes.

  1. To make iTunes for Windows automatically check for updates, click on Edit then Preferences.
  2. iTunes Edit menu

  3. Click the General tab and check the box next to Check for new software updates automatically then click OK.
  4. the box to check for updates automatically in iTunes for Windows

  5. If you don’t set iTunes to check for updates automatically, you can check for them manually. To do that click on Help then Check for Updates
  6. the check for updates item in the iTunes Help menu

  7. It will check the update database and let you know if there is an update. In this example there is a new version 10.1.2…click Download iTunes.
  8. downloading the latest version of iTunes

  9. The Apple Software Update window comes up and click on the iTunes + QuickTime update then Install 1 item. You can also install other new software like Safari if you want but it’s not required. Also notice it gives you an overview of what’s included or fixed with the update.
  10. Apple Software Update panel

  11. Accept the License Agreement
  12. Apple license agreement

  13. Then wait while the update is downloaded and installed.
  14. a file downloading

  15. When it’s done you’ll get the following message letting you know the update has been installed successfully.
  16. a successful software update message

  17. It will then go back to the Apple Software Update screen, click Quit to close out of it.
  18. Quitting the Apple Software Update screen

  19. You’ll need to agree to another iTunes Software License Agreement.
  20. another iTunes software license agreement

  21. Then the new version of iTunes will launch and you can begin using it.
  22. the latest version of iTunes for Windows

  23. To check which version you have click on Help then About iTunes.
  24. About iTunes in the iTunes Help menu

  25. The a About iTunes screen will come up and the version and other information will scroll up so you can check it out.
  26. the iTunes version screen

    Whether you have iTunes check for updates automatically or do it manually, it’s always a good idea to make sure you have the current version for fixes, security patches, and extra features.

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