Create a Custom HTML Signature for Email On an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad

If you manage your email with your iOS device you have to admit the default signature is pretty boring. Sure you can change the text easy enough, but what if you want to create cooler looking one in HTML? Here we’ll show you how.

Here’s a look at the boring default email signature for email sent from an iPod Touch. “Sent from iPod Touch” … we can do better than that. Actually, it’s almost like bragging that you have an iOS Device.


Manually Change Signature

1. You can change the signature by tapping on Settings then scroll down and tap on Mail, Contact, Calendars.


2. Then scroll down and tap on Signature.


3. Then in the signature box, clear our the default signature and type in whatever you want, then tap Done.


4. Now you’re new signature will appear when you send emails. The problem is, it’s only text based, we want to add HTML for a more elegant signature.


Create a Custom HTML Signature

1. First go to the Coolgeex HTML Signature Creator website directly on your iOS device, or from your computer. This is where you can easily fill out the fields to create your custom HTML signature quick and easy.


2. Keep scrolling down the page and fillin whatever information you want to include in your HTML signature.


3. You can add your cell phone number, homepage, company image, personal image, Twitter URL and more. In the checkboxes section decide if you want to show Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin icons. When you send an email, the icons are displayed in the signature and when the recipient clicks on an icon it will take them to your social page.


4. Then when you’re finished entering in your data, you’ll need to enter in a PIN number that you can remember. Then click the Create Signature button.


5. Then you’ll need to open up Safari on your iOS device and browse to the link it provides you. If you’re already on your iPhone you can just tap the link…otherwise you’ll have to open Safari on your device and manually type it in.


6. Before entering your PIN number make sure to tap the arrow icon at the bottom of Safari to save the page to your Home Screen.


7. When the menu come up, tap Add to Home Screen.


8. Now you’ll need to give the icon a name, then tap the Add button.


9. The icon will appear on your home screen, tap it to send a message with your new HTML signature.


10. Enter in the PIN Code you entered in previously, then tap the Go button. That is the last time you’ll need to enter in the PIN number which is nice.


11. Now when you compose your email using the icon you created, you’ll see your new HTML signature the way you configured it. That’s all there is to it! A custom HTML signature with no Jailbreaking required…neat!


12. If you want to use that signature you’ll need to tap the icon you added to the Home Screen. If you don’t want to send an email with that signature, just use the regular email feature.


While the developers say it’s for the iPhone, it also worked successfully on our iPod Touch and iPad as well.


Happy emailing!

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  1. Seems to be broken. I don’t get the screen you show in step 5, but they do have an “email” link. I emailed it to myself, but never received it. Not in my spam folder either. Any idea what’s wrong? Thanks!

  2. Thanks a lot for the post on Create a Custom HTML Signature for Email On an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. This is very helpful for a newbie like me.

  3. What a great little app (is it an app?) the only problem I am having is it will not let me upload my company logo?

  4. I screwed up and want to delete the icon I created on my homepage and make another. How do I delete it?

  5. This is great mysticgeek thanks. But what a shame this functionality isnt built into the os and that its only available to new mails being composed – anybody know of other solutions? Sounds like that type of functionality would be a proper os upgrade.

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