Create a Custom HTML Signature for Email On an iPhone or iPad

This guide will show you how to create a custom email signature containing HTML (clickable links, pictures etc.) on your iPhone or iPad.

Creating an email signature that includes things like images, links and different fonts means that you need to use a bit of HTML. The default method of changing your email signature on an iPhone or iPad doesn’t let you include HTML by typing it out, but there’s a simple workaround – just follow these steps!

  1. Create your HTML signature outside of the Mail app on your iPhone. Outlook and Mail for macOS both have “signature editors” built in that you can use to create an email signature. Perhaps the easiest way is to use the one built into Gmail. Just open your Gmail, click the Settings button found in the upper-right corner of Gmail, and then click the See all settings button. Scroll to the bottom of the General tab until you get to the Signature: section. Use this little editor to create your HTML signature.
  2. creating an email signature in gmail

  3. Copy and paste your new email signature into an email and send it to the address that you use with Mail on your iPhone or iPad.
  4. sending an email in gmail

  5. Grab your iPhone or iPad and check your Mail. Open the email you just sent yourself, select your HTML signature and choose Copy
  6. selecting the contents of an html email in Mail for the iphone

  7. Now open the Settings on your iPhone/iPad and select Mail from the list of settings.
  8. iOS Settings list

  9. Scroll all the way down to the COMPOSING section and select the Signature line.
  10. the Signature line in the iOS Mail settings

  11. Erase the default “Sent from my iPhone” signature, tap somewhere inside of the signature box and select Paste when the menu appears.
  12. entering a signature in mail on an iPhone

  13. If any of the formatting or spacing needs fixing, make those changes and then close out of the Mail settings.
  14. editing text

  15. If you compose a new email you should see your newly added HTML email signature!
  16. composing an email in Mail for iOS

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  1. This is great mysticgeek thanks. But what a shame this functionality isnt built into the os and that its only available to new mails being composed – anybody know of other solutions? Sounds like that type of functionality would be a proper os upgrade.

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