How To Add a Voice Recording App to the iPad

One of the cool features included by default with the iPhone and iPod touch is the Voice Memo app. For some reason it’s not available on the iPad. Here is how to get a free Voice recorder for your iPad.

1. Download and install QuickVoice Recorder for iPad either through iTunes or directly from your device.


2. After it’s installed launch the app by taping the app icon.


3. When it first launches you can listen to the example they have included, titled Speak Your Text Emails – which is essentially an advertisement to upgrade to the pro version.


4. To start a recording simply hit the Record button and start talking, playing guitar, or whatever you want to record.


5. Then you’ll see a green volume meter to monitor the sound level. Then when you’re finished with your recording tap Stop or Pause…very basic like the Voice Memo on the iPhone and iPod touch.


6. After you make your recording, tap on the Title button on the lower left of the screen, and give the recording a name and tap Save.


7. Then you can play back your recordings through the iPad.


8. It also allows you to email the recording or email it as an iPhone Ringtone too, which is an interesting feature.


9. When you send the recording as an email, you’ll get a notice that the free version allows recordings up to 5MB in size. The Pro version let’s you send a larger 20MB file…the Pro version is $2.99 and you can find out more about it here.


10. When you email the recording, notice that it saves as a .CAF file.


11. The recipient will need to have QuickTime installed on their computer to play it, or the ability to convert it.


12. Of course if they get the email on their iOS device, it will play with no problems. Just tap the file to listen to it.


13. Then it will automatically open in QuickTime so you can listen to it.


14. Wait while you message is sent.


15. Then you get a message letting you know it was sent successfully.


16. If you want something other than the Voice Memo app included with an iPhone or iPod touch, it works for those devices as well.


If you’ve been looking for a free and basic voice recording app for the iPad, QuickVoice Recorder gets the job done.

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