Help Keep Your Browsing Secure in Firefox

We previously showed you how to enable secure browsing (https) in Facebook, and pointed out it’s flaw when vising non-secure pages. Today we take a look at a great extension for Firefox that will help keep your browsing secure when visiting popular sites online.

Most sites, don’t include HTTPS or SSL encryption by default…but by installing a simple Add-on to Firefox, you can add an extra layer of security while you’re browsing the web.


HTTPS Everywhere

1. Install the HTTPS Everywhere Firefox extension from the Electronic Frontier Foundation website. Just click the big blue button that says Click Here To Encrypt The Web…you can’t miss it.


2. If Firefox prevents the installation just click the Allow Button


3. Then a window will pop up for you to install the add-on…it installs just like any other add-on for Firefox – a restart is required.


4. After restarting Firefox, click on Tools >> Add-ons.


5. Find HTTPS-Everywhere in the Extensions list and click Options.


6. Now select the sites where you want Https rules to apply to. As you can see there’s a good list of popular sites, and more are added periodically. If you don’t want Https to apply, just uncheck that site. It also allows you to create your own Https Rulesets for sites not included in the list.


7. Now when you visit a site where Https is enabled through the extension, you’ll see it in your browser.


That’s all there is to it. This is another valuable tool to have in your computer security arsenal.

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