How To Use the New Settings Options in Google Chrome

Google Chrome was updated yesterday and includes faster browsing speeds and a new Settings interface. Here we take a look at what’s new and how to navigate the new Options interface.

1. To access the Settings Options click on the gear icon on the upper right corner of the browser then click on Options.


2. Notice the Options page now opens in a separate tab instead of a new dialog window.


3. Each category in the Options is easily accessible by clicking on Basics, Personal Stuff, or Under the Hood.


4. One of the cooler features is that you can search through the options to easily find what you’re looking for…no matter where you are in Options. For example I searched for home and everywhere in Options where the word Home appears, it’s highlighted and you can find the settings that correspond with it.


5. If you’re looking for a specific tool just search the keyword for it and the tool will come up. Like in these two examples for Importing Bookmarks and setting up Sync.



6. You can also copy and paste specific sections of the Settings as well. For instance if you’re in the Under the Hood Section and want to manage content, just copy the URL.


7. Then you can share that link with someone else and they can paste it into their Chrome browser and pull it up without having to search for it themselves.



This is a cool new feature added to the latest version of Chrome (which should automatically update the next time you launch it). The current stable version is 10.0.648.127.


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