How To Play Your Music Seamlessly from the Cloud On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

We previously covered the new cloud based music player and storage service from Amazon that allows you to play music from the cloud easily. Unfortunately it doesn’t work well with iOS devices. Here we’ll take a look at using a free SugarSync account to play your tunes seamlessly.

SugarSync offers paid plans for different amounts of storage. But they also offer free 5GB accounts too. You just need to know how to get it. In this example we’re using a PC but it’s also available for Mac, and as mobile apps on Android, iOS, Blackberry, and more.

1. Go to the SugarSync website and click on Try SugarSync Free.


2. At the top of the next page you’ll see plans with larger amounts of storage for different costs per month. We want the free 5GB account, so scroll down a bit on the page and click Sign up next to 5 GB Free Plan – Not a trial but a free account with no credit cards and no monthly payment.


3. Now sign up for the for the free 5GB account.


4. After signing up, download the SugarSync manager for Mac or PC.


5. After signing up you’ll get an email from SugarSync to activate your account.


6. Now install the SugarSync file manager. Installation is easy following the wizard and accepting the defaults.


7. Launch SugarSync and log in with the account you created in the steps above.


8. Give your computer a name and pick one of the icons provided for it.


9. Now you can go through and find the music on your local machine that you want to upload.


10. If you have other folders you would like to add from a different drive click on Add More Folders and check the music folders you want to add.


11. Then SugarSync will start a tour to show you what it’s capable of, if you don’t care to see it, just click on Skip Tour and Finish.


12. SugarSync will then connect and upload the files you picked.


13. The SugarSync File Manager is intuitive and easy to use.


14. On the desktop, click on one of the songs in your folders and it will start playing in your default media player.


Sugar Sync for iOS Devices

15. To get your music to play on your iOS device, you’ll need to download the free SugarSync app from the iTunes App Store.


16. Launch SugarSync and log into your account.


17. Now tap the computer or device you want to access the music you uploaded.


18. Then tap the folder of the band or artist you want to listen to.


19. Then just tap on the song you want to play.


It opens in QuickTime and will play all the songs in the folder seamlessly. You can skip to the next song or back to hear the previous one. It works just like if the songs were stored locally on your device.


20. If you want to download a track or entire folder to your device, just click on the blue arrow on the one you want.


21. Then tap on Sync to iPhone. This will download the song and put it in the Music folder on your device.


21. If 5GB of space is not enough for you, but you’re not interested in purchasing a monthly plan – you can 250MB of more space by completing some initial steps. You can also get 500 MB for each friend referral  to the service  and get up to 10 GB.


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