How To Listen to Your MP3s From Dropbox

Dropbox is a versatile service that’s becoming an essential part of your daily computing. One thing you might not know is you can play your MP3s from Dropbox. Unfortunately the player is very basic and you can only play one song at a time. Here’s how to make the experience more fluid.

Play Music Directly from Dropbox

1. Open your Dropbox account from the Web interface and click on a song to start playing it.


2. Then a basic player pops up and you can listen to the song you picked. But the player isn’t anything special, and you can only listen to one song at a time.


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6 thoughts on “How To Listen to Your MP3s From Dropbox”

  1. Hi @Baber Khan – we built a free online Dropbox music player: – with that you can build a play queue and repeat songs etc. Also shuffling, and more.

    Disclaimer: we also run a commercial Dropbox music streaming service, but the above page is just a simple free demo anyone can use.

    Hope that’s ok to post – I’m just answering the specific question in the comments.

  2. i dowloaded songs from my Phone to my PC and i want to be able to listen to them from my computer (to eliminate lag from streaming music from somewhere) but I can’t get it to play from my computer, though i do have the song files

    any help?

  3. By not being a spammer who works for a company and pretends to be “helpful” by putting up links so you can make money (on a tutorial that shows you how to do the same thing, for free).

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